Thursday, November 17, 2011

Megan Leslie Goes To Washington

The NDP has sent their environment critic to Washington with the purpose of lobbying to kill the Keystone pipeline. Normally I'd be a little miffed to have a far leftist down in the USA claiming to speak on behalf of Canada, but I did get a good laugh from her interview on Power Play Wednesday. She hasn't actually been able to change any minds, and her most profound "observation" is how many people she's met who are shocked that there are any Canadians who care about the environment. While I can't produce an itinerary of the people she's meeting with and talking to, the majority of those people seem to think our entire country is hell bent on destroying the planet. She did meet with Nancy Pelosi's office. That much she confirmed today.

To any Americans out there reading this, Megan Leslie speaks for a far left party in Canada, not the majority. The majority of us do indeed yearn to destroy planet Earth...

(ps: that's sarcasm by the way)

Megan Leslie could become Prime Minister of Canada, if only she spoke French. That's so sad that she doesn't...


  1. Megan leslie provides a good service to all of us in that she highlights the stark differences between the NDP and average Canadians.
    Mel Wilde

  2. Meeting with an office is not the same as meeting with the office holder. Bet she did not meet with Pelosi,or there would be pics all over the place. Did she get on any talk shows, late night shows, don't think so. If she was as clueless with anyone she met with as she is in the HofC or P&P what a wasted trip..
    We should do a poll, who will be the first one out when the ballots are counted in March for Jack's job.

  3. Evan Solomon interviewed Leslie yesterday on Power & Politics. Solomon began the interview by saying that Natural Resources Minister Oliver called her “a disgrace.” That LIE shows how irresponsible journalists -- I use the term loosely -- are, misquoting ministers as they often do.

    Here’s what Minister Oliver actually said:
    From Hansard, Tuesday, November 15, 2011 
    “Hon. Joe Oliver (Minister of Natural Resources, CPC):
    Mr. Speaker, I was appalled to hear that NDP members are actually going to the U.S. to advocate against Keystone. They are flying to our largest trading partner to denigrate a project that employs hundreds of thousands of Canadians, generates billions of dollars of economic activity, and funds social services like education for our children and health care for our elderly. It is a disgrace.”
    IT is not the same as SHE.

    In the same interview, Solomon allowed Leslie to get away with saying “where are the bulk of the GHGs coming from? It’s coming from our oil sands.”
    Solomon did not challenge that misrepresentation. The reality?
    “• 6.5 per cent of Canadian emissions
    • less than 0.1 per cent of global emissions
    Canada's total emissions grew by 100 Mt between 1990 and 2009, with oil sands emissions responsible for 25 per cent (25 Mt) of this increase; transportation was responsible for 44 per cent (44 Mt).”

    Both of them are doing a DISGRACEful job.
    -- Gabby in QC

  4. Consider that Strombo sits on David Suzuki's Suzuki Foundation board of direstors and you get the context of what the CBC is all about. a conflict of interest and direct supporters of killing the oil sands and hundreds of thouands of Canadian jobs, entirely the motives of the NDP and yes, even the LPOC.

    Your tax dollars are funding a state media outlet that is anti-Canadisn, anti-business, and pro One World Government espoused by E. May and Maurice Strong. The fact that the majority government of Stephen Harper permits this fifth column operation to undermine this country on taxpayer's money is a disgrace.

    Cut their funding and dump the CBC.

  5. Me I'm shocked that anyone in Canada votes NDPQ, shocked! I tell you!

  6. Ms Megan was so excited about the Dippers playing in the big league, it was amusing to watch!

    But Minister Kent is leaving the kids at home,
    Dippers not invited to the climate change conference next week.

    With big trouble brewing in the Middle East and a very unstable energy supply on the horizon,
    and Nebraska wanting Barry O to expediate the enviro assessment for the rerouted Keystone Pipeline,
    seems to me the environutjobs lost this battle.

  7. ... And Pat Martin wonders why the Conservatives can and do invoke closure on debates - when his fellow MPs don't even show up to do their jobs, what does he expect?

  8. Listen to the conversation between David and Leslie she knows nothing about our oilsands or pipelines. Also remember that the NDP are 'killer' of jobs.

    Tuesday on The Rutherford Show


    11:00 The NDP brings their fight against the Keystone pipeline to Washington.

  9. I thought I’d add a couple more facts to illustrate the rampant hypocrisy among those who oppose the Keystone Pipeline on the grounds it’s supposedly harmful to the environment.

    Have MPs from Nfld -- the NDP’s Jack Harris & Ryan Cleary, plus Liberals Scott Andrews, Gerry Byrne, Judy Foote, and Scott Simms -- commented on how the Hibernia development affects the environment?
    “Hibernia has proven to be the most prolific oil well in Canada, with initial production rates in excess of 50,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day from a single well …”
    How does that production translate into GHG emissions, I wonder.

    And what about my fellow Quebecers, who are so environmentally pristine -- or so they think.
    “Caisse de depot buys 16.55 per cent stake in US pipeline for US$850 million
    By The Canadian Press  | November 16, 2011
    MONTREAL - Canada's largest pension fund manager, Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec, said Wednesday that it's buying a 16.55-per cent interest in a U.S. oil pipeline for US$850 million. …
    The Colonial Pipeline is considered the largest refined petroleum products pipeline in the United States. It extends more than 8,800 kilometres between the Gulf of Mexico and the Northeastern U.S. and transports the equivalent of 2.3 million barrels a day. …”
    That Colonial Pipeline is acceptable but the Keystone is not?

    And finally … this information bears repeating;
    “U.S. foundations against the oil sands
    Financial Post Staff  October 14, 2010 – 8:46 pm
    The Tides Foundation has spent $6-million to fund green lobbies
    By Vivian Krause
    … The campaign against Alberta’s oil sands also seems to rise out of the people, but the interesting thing is that there are very few roots under that grass. Money comes in from a small core of U.S. charitable groups. One of those groups — the U.S. Tides Foundation of California (Tides U.S.) and its Canadian counterpart have paid millions to at least 36 campaign organizations. (See list below.) …”

    -- Gabby in QC