Friday, November 18, 2011

BC Votes: Remember The Gas Tax

On Saturday the voters of British Columbia will be voting in municipal elections, and everyone should get out and vote. If you live in Vancouver, you need to vote against Gregor Robertson. He's a blowhard idealist who promised to solve all the world's problems when he was first elected. Here we are a few years later, and there are far more failures than successes. For those who aren't voting in Vancouver proper but rather a greater Vancouver municipality; I'm encouraging everyone to vote against any incumbent mayor who voted to jack up the gas tax when we already have a carbon tax. Vote the bums out of office!

The mayors primarily responsible for the gas tax are:

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson
Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts
Port Coquitlam Mayor Greg Moore
Langley Mayor Peter Fassbender
Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart
District of North Vancouver Mayor Richard Walton
West Vancouver Mayor Pam Goldsmith-Jones (not running)

Do not vote for any of these people who might be running for re-election. Richmond mayor Malcolm Brodie voted against the gas tax along with the Mayors of Burnaby and Delta, so keep that in mind if you are voting there.

As for city council, I don't have much of an opinion. If you happen to live in West Vancouver, do not vote for Bill Soprovich. Two years ago I attended a city council meeting regarding the Olympics, and one of the notes I wrote in my notepad was "do not vote for Bill Soprovich". I didn't elaborate and don't even remember why I wrote it, but I'm sure I had a good reason...


  1. Amen to that! I live in Port Coquitlam and have never voted in a municipal election, but I'll be there when the polls open in a few hours.

    I'll be voting against our mayor and every member of council today, because, like elites everywhere, they decided they were underpaid and gave themselves a 43% pay increase, while introducing legislation that will see them continue to collect their salary even after they get turfed from office. Nice, eh?

    A town council full of plumbers, paramedics, mechanics and municipal workers will have far more common sense and integrity --and that's what I'm voting for today.

  2. Is anyone watching to see if those squatters are going to leave their shanty town to go vote. I am surprised they did not demand a polling tent so they could exercise their rights.

  3. We have a green Mayor here in Kelowna,and I intend to get out myself and my family to vote against her.

    She's SO concerned about the environment,but doesn't seem to care that the town is stagnating,industries have closed and never re-opened,and new non-government construction has ground to a halt.

    But civic employees all have "Smart" cars.

  4. I am realing in deep pain. I voted, but sent sent this so my son: did you vote? If not, you now have to face the ugly tax-increase consequences ... I am sure that the free-spending agenda also passed too: no questions asked concerning borrowing of $160,000,000, so, if you did not vote, you voted for this by not showing up.

    Perhaps it is time for us all to move along, as this has become a city of very crazy people who vote for these guys who want to to incur more debt, are very bad fiscal managers and counselors who want to spend your tax dollars on flakey projects (like painting bike pictures on our right lanes - as if cyclers worry about the rules of the road), indulge drugged and homeless tenters, who have no apparent 99% issues, host riots in our downtown business areas, pretend that we seniors can buy 24-rolls of TP and diet coke without vehicles, ensure that chickens can be in a back yard next door and support banning anything offensive like dogs and a smoker on a remote beach, while ignoring human poop at the occupy sites and pot regularly smoke everywhere.

  5. I voted on my way to work, but our Mayor ran uncontested so I just voted on City Council. I visited all the webpages and they were all filled with bull-shit. Sadly Bill Soprovich won re-election. Infact, it was a big night for incumbents. Despite the riots and the Occupy tent city, Robertson pulled it out. Isn't the world supposed to be collapsing around us? So why are incumbents doing so well across Canada in 2011 in elections at all levels?

    On my way home from work I turned on 980AM for election results coverage. I changed the channel after about 3 minutes and did not switch back.