Monday, November 21, 2011

Occupy Evictions

This morning as snow hit the lower mainland, Occupy Vancouver protesters were packing up their junk and putting it in storage for another day. They will leave peacefully, but their comrades in Occupy Toronto might be getting ready for a fight. Both have been ordered by the Courts to vacate public property, as freedom of expression does not include freedom to squat in public parks. While it is great that the law has finally taken action against these clowns, these evictions should have come when the first tents went up. Hopefully next time we'll learn our lesson and evict them on day one, and trust me there will be a next time. The hooligans who do this seem to very much enjoy civil disobedience.

Ironically last week CBC reported a "major victory" for Occupy Toronto when a judge delayed eviction notices to allow arguments to be presented. It did not take long for the judge to reach this decision. It was strange that the CBC reported a short delay of eviction notices as a major victory, especially considering the evictions were eventually upheld. Vancouver is dismantling peacefully, Toronto may be gearing up for a fight. I'm sure that has nothing to do with Vancouver having a left wing Mayor and Toronto having a right wing Mayor...

UPDATE: So after all that, the Occupy clowns in Vancouver didn't leave, they just moved a block away to the courthouse. Please, start arresting people.


  1. CBC is a treasonous piece of crap. Any possible cause that they can endorse that is in opposition to Canada's elected government, they leap on. Cut to funding to these 5th Column swine!!!

  2. That should have said: Cut funding to these 5th Column swine!!!

    By the way, if you posted that poll on the CBC I just know the results would be dramatically different. CBC, the home of the Doom and Gloomers that KNOW why you should feel guilty.

  3. Hm, time to ship in some Inuit,and teach those hardy, self-reliant occupiers how to build igloos.

    How easy is it to build a snow house with blocks of slush? Someone should order a study on this.

  4. Let see here. The Occupiers who remain and plan to fight back I ask why what is the purpose.
    I don't see Switzerland protesting just because the rest of the world are. What for.

    We have a stable banking system that; our economy is relatively stable more so than the USA that's for sure. So what is the problem here..

    I remember when there was a huge protest against the coalition remember that? well, USA, GREECE EUROPE etc, didn't have a massive protest, what for since it is not happening in their countries.

    It seems to me that whereever there is a protest, the protesters here protest as well. What for?

    What will happen if canada became like Greece will there be any protest or will there be rejoicing. Seems to me that the protesters don't like what canada has or stands for right now.

    Instead of protesting against your own country why not protest against countries that are dragging our canada down the tubes.

    And another thing, do these occupiers know that they are being used by the unions cbc and people who don't want to see canada progress.

  5. Where is the fury against Obama and Washington for purposely refusing jobs from being created. My God, the americans are starving for jobs which can easily be had but the environmentalists fanatics are preventing it.
    This is no time to play politics with human beings lives.

    IMO, Obama wants USA to fall so does the NDPQ and not surprisedly CBC. They want the nations to fall, businesses TO stop so that they can relive the countries under the 'Russian-like' system.
    Businesses if any left, will be limited to a few canadians at a time.
    In other words, the ndpq/lib/cbc/union will see TO it since they russian crowd, will see to it that if you work on monday your next door neighbour works on tuesday and the other neighbour on wednesday and so on. Each will make the same amount of money. Progress will not be allowed. Keeping tabs on the public's worksheet and salaries will makes it very easy for the russian like crowd to keep control on the public's lives.

    Hugo Chavez is doing so at this momemt.

    Listen and listen to the NDPQ 'milk and honey' mantra. all sound fantastic but never ever let it pass you mind for one minute, that they have voted against those same bills which they hounded the conservatives for.
    Every time the NDPQ opens their mouth just remember they are not talking about you or for the poor for that matter.