Sunday, November 6, 2011

Should CSIS Conduct Operations Abroad?

Today's poll question; should CSIS conduct operations in foreign countries? This question has now been introduced to the media conversation and I'd like to know if you think our Secret Service/CIA should be conducting operation abroad (not counting trips by Canadian officials and diplomats). Normally I would defer to the Americans to fight the intelligence battle, but I'm curious about the idea of CSIS performing a similar function in order to protect Canadian interests. If foreign spy services conduct operations of espionage against Canada, would our interests be better protected if we had field agents operating in those countries? Our spies don't need to kill people or blow things up, but the art of collecting intelligence can be a very valuable commodity.


  1. Contrary to popular belief - This has been going on forever.
    No doubt it is going on as we speak, but the public are not privy to these covert operations and the people who are involved.
    That's the way it should be. Imagine the opposition parties getting hold of operatives who are in this business.
    This would make Wikileaks look like an altar boy's picnic and might even go so far as to embarrass the Sopranos.

  2. See this at the Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute's "3Ds Blog":

    "Canadian HUMINT Foreign Intelligence Trial Balloon "