Saturday, November 5, 2011

Occupy Heroin

It would appear that the Occupy Vancouver movement has developed a bit of a drug problem, as a woman died today of an alleged drug overdose. This comes two days after another person was rushed away by paramedics for overdosing on heroin. I'm not sure these are the kind of people we want dictating how our economy should function. At their next "general assembly", they should pool their collective minds to write the manifesto "economics for junkies" about the "evils" of capitalism. It is unfortunate that it takes the death of a young woman to expose what's really going on in tent city; getting stoned while being sanctimonious regarding something the protesters are ignorant about, our economy.

They need to shut this place down before more people die. They have proven unable to shoot heroin responsibly while deciding the future of the Canadian financial system.


  1. Well it is patently obvious that these layabouts have nothing to "occupy their minds". Why else would they be strung out on heroin?

    The OWS should be renamed the "OWC" - "Occupy the Water Closet" which is where a great deal of their outlandish ideas should be properly flushed. Seems that some of them have some difficulty with basic bodily functions as well...


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  2. yup that safe injection site is really working good. the judges who ruled in that autoa be ashamed of them selves.

  3. errr sorry I ment auto

  4. These people are the classic example of useful idiots. The so called "OWS" movement is nothing more than trial balloon for Obamas re-election strategy. What you have here is one kind of Democrat supporters (stinky Hippie freeloaders) protesting another group of Democrat supporters (corrupt Banker shysters). It’s all a staged act.

    And once again we see the "so called" Canadian leftists aping the American leftists. Monkey see, monkey do! Same goes for the running dogs who comprise the Toronto media. Everything the NY Times belches out, the Toronto media regurgitates it and heaves it out as “Canadian” news. Can't they think for themselves?
    You'd think the lesson of importing Mickey Mouse Ignatieff as their leader would have taught them something. But alas, that didn't happen.
    It’s time for real Canadians to tell these American wannabees : “OCCUPIERS GO HOME”

  5. I loved the yahoo that used a paper clip to afix a hand-made Red Cross card to his pocket as if that makes hi ma Doctor.
    I'd be a bit shy to boast that I allowed a OD on my watch because if the Mother demands an Iquiry of the death, this Moron will be asked to explain his actions or inaction to allowed people to die in their tents from drugs.

    Watch for Libby Davies to exploit this death and demand a Insight Injection Mobile unit for Occupy camp-outs.
    Afetr all , Libby and the nDP have never denouced how China has Mobile Abortion-Trucks that scour the countryside and test young girls that can he hauled into the vehicle and Terminate their baby if found inside them.

    Gotta love those NDPer's that ignone Human Rights abuses in China,Cuba,Syria,Jordan,Gaza,Egypt,Iraq under Saddam,Tunisia,Somalia,Nigeria,Mexico, and the Occupy sleep-ins in canada.

  6. And at the memorial for the woman last night they carried signs, we are all ashleys, so yes, I guess they are all drug addicts.
    And didn't the girl that found her wait for a while as she thought she was sleeping.

  7. Imagine, this group of idiots, who say they don't have to follow rules, the law, or anything finally had to allow an ambulance in. But first they had to clear the way.

  8. Aren't they already exploring setting up a safe injection tent on site?

  9. Anarchrists demanding more government intervention. Go figure !!1

  10. It's not Occupy.

    It's Afghanistan. Heroin use is up everywhere, including the sub-urbs.

  11. Anonymous 2:50, the sample size is a tent community of a dozen or two people with 2 overdoses in 3 days. Sure, heroin abuse extends beyond Vancouver, but the Occupy Vancouver movement is overdosing at an accelerated per capita rate above any I'm aware of.