Monday, November 28, 2011

Dropping Out Of Kyoto?

How is this news that Canada is withdrawing from the Kyoto protocol? It will certainly be used as a point of criticism by the opposition, but isn't Kyoto already dead? Surely a Liberal or NDP leadership hopeful has already named their dog Copenhagen. Even CO2 Armageddon activists have to admit that the Kyoto treaty was fatally flawed by how Russia, China, and India fit into the equation. That's why they needed the "Copenhagen Accord". Of course the reason this is news is because there is a new conference planned where they intend to extend Kyoto. Canada won't be playing along, and there will even be a pre-Christmas press conference to formally announce our withdrawal. That will be a nice little Christmas gift for the base, but ultimately meaningless.

Even if the world spends trillions of dollars to meet the targets, the end of the world will only be postponed for a few years. True, those few years might give us the chance to start a new civilization on Mars or in a parallel dimension.

Ah, Glenn Beck back when Glenn Beck was cool. I miss those days, before he went bat shit crazy.


  1. He's actually no crazier than any other religious person. He just isn't afraid to show it. I like people like that.

  2. NDP Megan Leslie, Elizabeth May and few liberals will be beside themselves with rage that the one thing (Kyoto) they had going for them to criticize the government will be for naught.
    I guess there will be no more fossil awards to be awarded to the 'fossils' that help generate oil.

    Besides, Megan Leslie is thrill that UK and USA will not buy our oil. Yet, they constantly rail on the government when the price of gas and oil goes up instead feeling elated.

  3. I don't think Glenn Beck is crazy at all it is that he told the story as he saw it which has come to past.
    The one who is crazy is Obama and his administration for trying to shut down the main job that could help his people but crazy as he is he listens to fanatics like movie stars and environmentalists who use more oil than the little guy.

  4. Glenn Beck isn't Crazy if anything he is verry smart he predicted things that people laughed at him about and have come true. and if you think Glenn Beck is crazy you must think Ezra Levant must be crazy.

  5. Hilarious! Kyoto is simply a money sucking Socialist scheme dreamed up by the usual suspects, quote from PM Harper.
    We are lucky he get's it.
    I want to see an "all of the above" for a poll choice Iceman they all suck, some just suck harder. JMO
    Cheers Bubba

  6. Eddie Goldenberg Chretien's top advisor, confessed years ago that the Liberal government knew they could never live up to their Kyoto commitment, but were prepared to carry out this fraud on Canadians and the world, for political gain.

    As Jack Layton said at the time "I guess it was pretty clear that the Liberals had no intention of meeting the targets when they signed Kyoto because they didn't do anything to get us there,"

    "So I guess what Mr. Goldenberg is intending to suggest is that all they wanted to implement as Liberals were symbols. They didn't really actually want to do anything about the crisis."

    Read all about it in the following article.

  7. Alex, Beck's show took a nose dive when he went to a live studio audience and started crying all the time. By the time he was spoofed on South Park, he had already become a parody of himself.

  8. I still watch his show and its just as good if not better. He's the Boss and does as he likes.

    I hate it when he cries. I change the channel (or the window). I never want to hear any crying from anyone ever again. But Beck barely does that, even now. I have some leeway for folks that are otherwise so good.

    Take another look. He's as good as he ever was and he is doing some interesting things with his "network." Same as above, but current, honest and funny.

  9. Dear World,
    In 2015, you'll hear a new tune from here: "Canada is Back!"
    Harper: One and Done