Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shinning A Light On The CBC's Flawed Decision Making

There are only two days remaining to vote in the webpoll for which CBC employee you think tested the worst with focus groups. As of right now Terry Milewski has a large lead over his colleagues, followed by Stombo, Mary Walsh, and Soloman. Now that the CBC has been ordered by the courts to hand over internal documents such as focus group data, we may finally get a chance to shine a light on some of the Broadcaster's inner machinations for evidence of flawed decision making at the programming level.

Many of us would also like to see what programs lose the most money so we can start trimming the fat. Meanwhile, there is at least one group fighting to save the CBC's tax payer subsidies. The "Friends of Canadian Broadcasting" are launching an ad campaign targeting the Tory government on the CBC issue. The objective is to protect the flow of tax money to prop up a public broadcaster notorious for putting untalented people on the air. Somebody needs to fight for the right of Mary Walsh to get paid to be on television, because otherwise no network would hire "artists" like her. Generally you have to be funny to get a gig as a comedian, unless that employer is the CBC.


  1. ''You don’t have to hate the CBC to demand transparency''
    By Jesse Brown. Macleans

    Kudos to JB for busting out of the anti-SunTV group think.


  2. Interesting narrative that if one is for transparency and accountability regarding the CBC then one is labeled as an enemy of the CBC. The bunker mentality of the CBC and their "friends" is very telling, like the CBC is at war with the people who fund them. The arrogance and the self imposed isolation of the CBC and their "friends" is yet another example of the staggering contempt they have for Canadians.

  3. Would you be surprise that, by the time you get to see the documents ordered by the courts to CBC, that most of the context in the documents are erased? I would be surprise one bit.

    What makes CBC so suspicious is the delay especially their arrogance in refusing to comply with the first court order.

    CBC is very very corrupt no doubt and not one reporter working there show any interest tackling the matter, yet, those same non entities who think they are reporters will waste no time going after you to investigate how many times you go to the bathroom. All this and other phoney reporting is just a delay from revealing their own corruption which stinks beyond the bathroom. At least you flush whereas the CBC continues to grow and stew in their own crap.

  4. Can you, ICEMAN, somehow promote a competing social media campaign called "Keep your hands off our NEPOTISTIC, WASTEFUL, CORRUPT, UNTALENTED, NEPOTISTIC, NEPOTISTIC, LYING LEFT-WING-MINORITY LIBERAL-MOUTHPIECE CBC" ? That would be great.

    How do we go about shutting down this total waste of money that brands itself as being so Canadian? I'm serious, let's build some momentum with media friends not at the CBC. Or at least scrap all current management and staff and start from Scratch. (Did I mention that place is totally nepotistic?)

  5. PS, I saw a Liberal online worrying that that the Liberals let the cat out of the bag (by calling it OUR CBC, ie, the Liberal Party's CBC) with that campaign name. Anyway we can run with that? I guess also we should be writing to all our conservative reps to step up the pressure to downsize that black hole of corruption - not mention pushing OLA and other left-wing agendas down Canadians throats. How do we build momentum on this?