Saturday, November 5, 2011

Daylight Savings

It is that time of year again when most of us set our clocks back to get an extra hour, so everyone remember to adjust your clocks. Today's poll question; does the joy of getting an extra hour in the fall justify the pain of losing an hour in the spring? The "fall back" is among my favourite days of the year, especially while working on weekends, but the "spring forward" is probably my least favourite day of the year.

Last year at around this time I asked the question:


No (55%)
Yes (40%)
Undecided (5%)

So the majority of you would rather we scrap this practice altogether and just be more like Saskatchewan. Granted, I asked this question after the "fall back" when many were already delighting in their extra hour. If I ask this question after the "spring forward", it would probably go at least 70% no.


  1. I work a lot of nights and frankly both bite.

    With one you have to work an extra hour, which is bad for obvious reasons, and with the other you have to get the same amount of work done in an hour less time.

  2. Regardless, every day has just 24 hours. I expect to see a lot of empty pews in Church tomorrow. But, I have to remember to give the g/son his meds at 7am and 7 pm instead of 8 and 8.

  3. A lot of my work is outside and/or in isolated locations and it's already dark when I start work, now I'll have another hr of unproductive time in the morning waiting for daylight so I can see what I'm doing and lighting a scaffold with portable lighting tricks your vision, not what you want a hundred feet in the air.
    I hate the whole thing.

  4. No. Daylight savings time is a busybody mistake and source of confusion. It never should have begun in the first place, but it'll be hard to get rid of it because now it masquerades as green.

  5. If Daylight Savings Time is so great why don't we just keep it 365 days a year and Save Daylight constantly?

    I hate losing daylight between November and March, and then we could stop futzing with the clocks all the time...

  6. Move to Saskatchewan!!

  7. Well Ardvark, I worked Saturday night and I'm working Sunday morning. I love that I'm getting an extra hour.

    Dsaar, with the fall back you gain daylight in the morning. They don't actually shorten the amount of daylight, they shift it to the morning. If you work mornings, it is nice to go to work with the sun up.

    I work mornings, afternoons, nights, graveyards, so my internal clock is already all over the place.

  8. If we want to 'save energy', we should go back to the old-fashioned system of rising early, doing a good morning's work, eating when the sun is overhead (at noon), and then finishing work fairly early in the afternoon so we have the late afternoon/evening to relax and enjoy the daylight. That's what the system is forcing us to do anyway.

    BTW, this does not work overly well in the more northern latitudes as the reality is we have very short days in late fall and winter, so there's no daylight to save.