Thursday, February 16, 2012

Should Trudeau Run For Liberal Leader?

Today's poll question; would you like to see Justin Trudeau become leader of the Liberal Party? Previously I have endorsed Gerard Kennedy as my favoured "scorched earth" candidate, but he has been overtaken in recent days. There is no doubt in my mind that the Tories would win a second majority if JT led the party into the next election. The assortment of video clips that are piling up in his wake are becoming legendary in a bad way, and will provide priceless material for election ads. The third person references are outstanding and hopefully those will continue.

Realistically the separation fiasco this week has eliminated the likelihood that he runs against Bob Rae in 2013. He has a constituency should he decide to run, and I truly hope he does. Promoting separation as an option if you disagree with the elected government? The fact that he doesn't seem to understand why his words were so toxic, is just further evidence that he's not fit to lead the country, but lead the Liberals, absolutely. He can count on the Iceman's endorsement, because the Iceman also lives Canada in his bones.


  1. I expect J.T. WILL make a leadership run sooner or later. His arrogance and sense of entitlement are out of this world (typical Quebecer). Also he is a spoiled rotten little elitist who probably finds the concept of seeking a fortune out in the private sector where you (gasp) HAVE A BOSS! EEEEEK! and (Shudder) have to PRODUCE RESULTS!!! (SCREAM!!!)completely beneath him.

    (Jobs are for little people - HE was born to lead)
    Better to run for office on daddy's name and start at the top instead of at the bottom with the commoners.

    So now lately he seems to be going to great effort to get himself into the spotlight quite often.

    His separatist remark also was probably deliberate. Most Quebec politicians seem to pull that crap. Curry favour with nationalist elements in Quebec with B.S. about separation or confrontation with the rest of Canada then when english Canadians challenge you on what you say youwrap yourself in the flag and blubber about how you "love" Canada.

  2. I wouldn't presume that anyone will "run for Liberal Leader". That's not the way they do it anymore.
    The correct terminology would be "installed as Liberal Leader" by the corporate welfare mooches and the bureaucrat slime balls who are the real deciders of the Liberal Party. The drooling slack jawed mouth breathing party members are just there for show
    Now, as far as the Lil Turd goes, one has to ask if his sponsors and financial backers in the CBC can buy him the leadership? They do have a lot of money that doesn’t need to be accounted for, so you never know, they just might be able to pull it off.
    Hey! Maybe that’s why the Conservatives aren’t slashing their budget!

  3. I would love to see him beat Kim's record of fewest seats won, and his being one of the many lost.

    OT,but Topp has said he would ask a sitting Que MP to step aside for him to run in, should he be elected leader. My choice, Mulcair, but would rather him pick Pat Martin's seat.

  4. What that arrogant little twit fails to realize is that while he doesn't want to live in a Stephen Harper Canada, there are many of us here in the west who don't, and won't, live in a Canada that is run by a Liberal party that espouses his radical left-wing view of how Canada should be governed. He hasn't a clue about how much separatist momentum was built up in Alberta during the Chretien years and by the constant slagging of our province by politicians in Ontario and Quebec. What it boils down to is a split between what type of country Central Canada wants and what type of a country the west wants, and the split is growing into a chasm.

  5. He did work John before getting elected to parliament.

    1. Yes - a a drama teacher at a private school. Trudeau Sr's fortune grew greatly during his years in Parliament, thanks to the management of one of his colleagues (?Johnson). I doubt the boys 'have' to find a paying job.

    2. Whoa! A DRAMA TEACHER - wow, I stand corrected. He DID work!

      A real rugged, dog-eat-dog, spine-of-steel, nose to the grindstone kind of guy.

      A drama teacher educated with daddy's money. Whoa! I'll bet lumberjacks and oil riggers nervously hold tight to their girlfriends when HE'S around.

      I was just saying the other day, we really need more drama teachers in government.

      If the people of Quebec are stupid enough to elect a twit like this then they need to be pushed, badgered and provoked into separation.

    3. his Daddie's fortune grew as a direct result of Patro Canada.
      his family was heavily invested in PetroFina, which we bought at hugely inflated prices, in the interests of "keeping the money in Canada".
      we sure did, in PET's pocket.

  6. IMO, this sniveling little twerp would be the perfect candidate for leader of the corrupt "Liberal" party. Trudeau Jr, the ex substitute drama teacher has all the "experience", and the name, to do to the "Liberals" what was started by that half wit Pearson, and that total fraud Trudeau Sr... destroy it for decades, perhaps forever. How ironic would it be that a Trudeau destroys the "Liberal" party, rather then Canada.

  7. "....because the Iceman also lives Canada in his bones." AHAHA, that's even funnier when you say it. It was very Seinfeldesque crinchworthy.

  8. Actually I stand corrected by Blame Crash. Trudeau won't "run for leader" he will convince the powers that be to allow him to be appointed as leader and give the appearence of running.

    My guess is that he is already subtlely lobbying for that behind the scenes using daddy's name a lot.

    Point in his favour - he is from Quebec. The Liberal party doesn't do english Canadians anymore.

  9. Until he becomes Liberal leader - Bob has a problem. What about Justin - love him or detest him - he is the face many Liberals desire - a perverse fascination with anyone named Trudeau. Will Bob and the Liberal backroom boys discipline "le petit dauphin" or not. Beer and popcorn moment. Cheers.

  10. Gawd I hope the little wienie runs for (or is installed) as Liberal leader. It will be fun too watch this obnoxious twit be skewered on his own petard.
    Trick question...has l'il Justine contributed to Parliament in any kind of a positive manner?
    Not that tricky, is it?

  11. Is there any concievable way that Justin Trudeau becoming the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada that will not quickly result in a huge windfall for the Conservative Party of Canada?

    It seems to me like this would be a huge gift from the Liberals to the Conservatives. Could such an eventuality possibly be bad for the CPC?

  12. Trudeau should hire Obama's election campaign team,complete with teleprompters,and vow to never speak unless staring into the TP.

    Like "O", JT just has to have someone do his thinnin' for him,then he appears a genius. I can hear CBC now,"the smartest Prime Ministerial candidate in history".

    If only 12 year old girls could vote.

  13. The Pretty Pony as Fiberal Leader would be an even bigger catastrophe than Kim Campbell. Yet all he would have to do is express an interest and the Gliberal/CBC/CTV intelligentsia would anoint his head with oil and proclaim him Glorious Leader For Life.

    I so hope he expresses that interest.