Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dalton McGuinty Lied To Voters?

When Dalton McGuinty ran television ads pumping the vigorous health of Ontario's finances in the election a few short months ago, turns out he might have been covering up a serious problem. In his first election victory he promised not to raise taxes, then broke that promise repeatedly and blaming it on Mike Harris. Dalton is now in his third term, so he can't blame this on Iron Mike anymore. This is now on his shoulders. To all those people who re-elected him, this is on you, seduced by the happy smiling face on TV. For more on this story, I direct you to Kelly McParland who wrote a great piece today for the Post.

I decided to move from Ontario to British Columbia in the first half of McGuinty's first term, and I'm happy to be here (even if I want our Premier replaced).


  1. old white guy says. mcguinty lied. couldn't be could it. when the man opens his mouth whatever comes out is a lie. jeez i need to wrap my head to keep it from exploding.

  2. Mcquinty is doing a super job according to the pricking media. WK wants Dalton to run for the leadership of the fed liberal party and why not Bob Rae is there.

    CBC Evans Solomon's "we are concern for the taxpayers and how their money is being spent" imagine that but apparently Dalton is exceptional he is a liberal and concerned evans is more concern for Dalton than he is for the public.

  3. If you were a typical Ontarian reading the print media, day in-day out, you would notice nary a peep about Dalton McGuinty, the media darling. According to (most of) the print media "everything's fine". Dalton McGuinty will be infamous for spending our kids and grand kids inheritance.