Monday, February 6, 2012

Canada's Relationship With China

Once upon a time when Stephen Harper criticized China for human rights abuses, the Liberals went bananas saying that it jeopardized our valuable trade relationship. Now that Harper is in China on a trade mission, Bob Rae is on the CBC saying that the PM should speak out against human rights abuses when Evan Solo asked him how he should deal with China. I believe Bob's exact words were that the Harper government must "become a more robust proponent" on human rights. Meanwhile the PM has gone so far in the past as to boycott the Beijing Olympics, which won him support in the Canadian Asian community.

Now Mark Holland is on criticizing the Prime Minister for once doing too much and now not doing enough. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Either way, China has a lot of money and we have a lot of resources to sell. Though 63% of Evan's audience does not think that we should "boost ties" with China while they support Syria. My poll question: how much trade should we seek with China? More, less, or the same?

The Soloman Show has a neat new feature that if you Tweet something with the hash tag #PnP during the show, it will pop up on the screen during the broadcast. Obviously there is a filter. I went 2 for 3 today. My Tweet asking if Mark Holland gets paid for panel appearances (and if so how much) did not make it to air. It was a surprise to see my Tweet "Anytime anyone even loosely affiliated with the Tories mentions abortion, Soloman has to dedicate half his show to it. #PnP" pop up on my television. Solo has really been pumping the Twitter hard.


  1. Rae can be concerned with human Rights in China now that his brother's company,Power Corporation,and Bombardier, have their contracts safely signed, but back in the Chretien era, HR's weren't so important to Liberals and their business owners/ friends.

    Sign zee papers,Stephen, and don't try to foist Canadian morality on the Country that could be soon our most important trading partner.

    After all, this is a Country that persecutes an honest man for defending himself from murderous arsonists, and stifles free speech through HRC's.

  2. The smug/elite/leftist/white/liberals love to spew their faux-morals about Human Rights while they are in canada.....BUT, just look at how Paul Martin hid his taxes on CSL by flying a foreign flag and using slave-labour to avoid $400 million in profits outside of canada as he waas the Finance Minister telling us about Taxes going towards social programs.
    Then we have the Public Sector Unions and CAW members that vacation in a Communist/oppressive nation to enjoy the sun&fun as peons fetch them drinks for pennies an hour, yes folks.....Liberals and NDPer's love Cuba as Trudeau did and now some useful-idiots in canada wear the Che-T-Shirst and buttons with no clue about Che how raped and murdered females for kicks.
    Olivia Chow loves to pretend to crusade for the Seniors and poor, bnut she and jack gorged at the trough and now Olivia will rake in the dough as a MP and then get loads of Pension Checks from jacks Survivor-benefits packages the NDP helped fight for.

    Gotta love those Socialist/leftist/liberals that
    hate the rich and want to squash other peoples dreams...BUT then rape the tax payers and pad their pensions to eat caviar and drink Champange in retirement as the real labourers eat cat food and live in a sweat-box dwelling cutting coupons and begging for hand-outs.

    Jack, Olivia,Martin,Chretien,McGuinty,Sid Ryan, and most Suits at the CBC are the true 1% that should have been condemned for enjoying the limos and mansions on the tax payers dime.
    Why do you think the rich 1% ER's in the music business in canada have a Home in Switzerland???, they hide their wealth over there and even Write some songs that are not Made-In-canada to tax in canada.
    Shania and Celian Dion have good Accountants that also prevent us suckers from learning how hypocritical the rich are to go on the CBC with a poverty issue and yet pay little in taxes on their real wealth. The rich look after each other and that's why Martin never went after Off-Shore tax-shelter scams by canadians....he was in on it too and why have morals and loyalty when money rules and he get tax funded health care .

    A weasel by any other name....

  3. Never underestimate the ability of a "Liberal", "Progressive" type to speak out of both sides of their mouths. "Liberals" are the masters of contradiction and "the reason of unreason".