Sunday, February 5, 2012

The James Moore Decline

Very rarely do I run a poll during a "controversy" asking if a Tory minister should be expelled from cabinet with the result leaning 75% yes. Yet James Moore has accomplished exactly that. Did this collapse in support happen overnight or has he been slowly building towards this since taking the Heritage portfolio? He has lost more support in the right leaning community in a short period of time than Helena Guergis ever did. Many have stood by Christian Paradis, Maxime Bernier, Tony Clement, Bev Oda, Lisa Raitt, etc; but Moore's support of the CBC and his prophecy of Sun News demise has created more ill will than any of the aforementioned "controversial" figures.

I'd have to say that the first Blogging Tory I can remember hammering James Moore on a semi-regular basis was BC Blue. He's been on this for a while, but the calls for his cabinet expulsion are a very recent phenomenon. Once upon a time Moore was a rising star, but after too many galas he's become drunk on the elixir of Canada's cultural elite.


  1. I have always thought of James Moore as a rising star in the Conservative party.... He is smart, quick on his feet, but this is just plain wrong and not values we as Canadians like in our politicans. If we didn't know better, I feel he is acting like we expect the "liberals" to perform. We decide if we think Sun TV is what we want to watch, we decide if we think CBC should not be funded for their waste and liberal ways... and we decide if James Moore is getting too big for his pants!!! and it surely is pointing that way!!

  2. He's one of my favorites and one of my top choices for PM.

  3. Zipped on off the the PM but whether or not he actually sees it is another thing. The Staff will handle it willy-nilly although acknowledging receipt of same.
    I doubt he will be reduced to the back bench or replaced but the PM must surely realize this guy is continuously stepping in it. What does it take?
    I would suggest readers do the same and e mail the PM's office.
    One can only hope he will be shown the door.
    His arrogance as witnessed, being interviewed and his snappy remark proves he is aware of the criticism and it's starting to get to him. Good, I like that.
    Keep up the pressure.

  4. IT is also fun to watch the MSM squirm about this issue.... They are unable to say anything about it because that means they would have to expose their darling CBC and their wasteful and liberal ways...but wouldn't they love to jump on the "get rid of James Moore wagon"... that would give Power and Politics about 15 shows to bash the Conservative Government... but then they would have to bash their own arrogance!!!AND WASTE1

  5. Moore has been a disapointment - there are other MPs capable of handling this responsibility. Regarding BC, well that is way too bad that this is the best they have to offer - when you keep voting for Hedy Fry and Ms. May you end up with less than stellar representation in cabinet. Cheers.

  6. I have been a regular "donor" to the PC Party - I, in fact, had a call this past week - but I am going to think "twice" if the PC Party is going to condone a Minister who feels that the CBC can do no wrong and openly bashes Sun TV for exposing their ways.... If they soon do not start to take what Canadians want regarding the CBC, the quicker they will become second fiddle to the people of Canada.... The CBC and their liberal views - should be made to stand on their own - there is better use for the Canadian taxpayers money - and I for one - am tired of James Moore's arrogant ways protecting it at every step...

  7. James Moore is now beholden to the consensus media. All Canadians need to be very afraid!

  8. Moore is my MP, and I have to say I'm not overly impressed, but let's be honest, he's not going anywhere. Whenever he does his 'defend the value of the CBC' thing it pisses me off, but I always wonder if it's just a guise. You know --put a reasonable fellow out there and say one thing, while plotting in backrooms to cut, cut, cut. I hope the plan with Moore at Heritage is that the CBC comes to view him as a trained seal, someone who is on their side, completely harmless --who just happens to be taking his time, figuring out who to fire and what departments to close.

    But I doubt he's that smart. He strikes me as an intellectual light-weight.

    Doesn't his wife work in the PM's office?

  9. "Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you".

    F Nietzsche

  10. I would recommend that you also write to all the Conservative MP's and express your disgust with that CBC boot licker. That would include him as well.
    After all, once you've written your letter, it's as easy as a click or two to send it to all of them.

  11. hard to believe that a Conservative mp/minister can garner such negative opinion, but deserve it he does - the sooner he is dumped, the sooner can the giant tax-guzzling boondoggle that is the CBC can be addressed
    Thanks to Sun Media the huge CBC fraud is being exposed

  12. We have a tendency to pile on someone we perceive as have done a wrong,and politicians are a favorite target because they live the working "life of Riley" while we pay for it.

    Moore wasn't even on my radar before he started his inexplicable defence of the CBC,imho was just another slightly overweight average conservative politician.

    Dean at BC Blue said he was always considered a "lightweight" and in the latest controversy over CBC, Moore's done nothing to disprove that opinion.

    Moore was supposed to make a public appearance here in Kelowna a couple of weeks ago,but I missed the chance to attend the event and question him on his loyalty to the CBC.

    To give the man the benefit of the doubt,maybe he actually DOES think the CBC is an important factor in holding the "fabric of the Nation" together. I can't see any other reason he'd defend them so vigorously.

    There ARE some Conservatives who believe Global Warming is a very real danger to the planet,so Moore's opinion of CBC may differ radically from most of us in the CPC.

    I'd like to see him on the backbenches for a while,but that's up to the PM. We'll see.

  13. James Moore's continual sucking up to the CBC and all the "Heritage" hangers-on is bad enough but his slagging of Sun News is an over-the-top firing offence. So Harper should fire him. But will he? I hope so. There are lots of other MPs who deserve to be in cabinet before Moore.

  14. "There ARE some Conservatives who believe Global Warming is a very real danger to the planet"

    I know socialists could be that stupid but for a conservative to be that demented is bizare.

    As for Moore he needs to get his nose out of Strombo's ass and start behaving like a man and not a CBC puppet

  15. James Moore is a moderate. Not every CPC MP is a fire-breathing, gun-toting, small "c" conservative. In fact quite a few of the more urban MPs are likely more moderate than conservative.

    I don't like him either, but there's no way the longest-serving MP from British Columbia gets demoted from cabinet.