Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pension Crisis Deniers

While many on the left have been screaming that proposed public pension reform suggested by the Prime Minister would have catastrophic consequences, others have been arguing that there is no pending crisis at all. The argument presented by a union economist on the CBC's Soloman Show earlier this week was that funding public pensions would become more expensive for 10-30 years, but there is no crisis because eventually the baby boomers will "pass through the system". That's a gentle euphemism for "we'll be fine once the boomers are dead". Boy do I feel better, how about you? All we need to do is hunker down, wait for our parents and grandparents to die, and we're golden! It might take a couple of decades, but we'll just raise taxes in the meantime.

Now the accusations are coming from the NDP's Peter Julien that the Tories are manufacturing a crisis as a rouse to take money away from seniors. As Jane Taber Tweeted: "NDP finance critic Julian pushes on OAS, says Cons manufacturing a crisis to cut seniors benefits." I'd be curious to know why Mr Julien does not believe there is a crisis, because there is a strong chance that he'd cite the same report as the union dude. OAS itself isn't the biggest problem, it is just a piece of the puzzle. Public sector pensions are also a big part of the equation, including members of Parliament. The health care system is going to be strained, and we'll end up with too many critical holes in our labour force. To suggest that there is not going to be a problem and that pension reform is not required would make you a pension crisis denier.

UPDATE: I recommend reading John Ivison's piece in the Post today.


  1. There's only one kind of denier: A holocaust denier. People who don't see an age crisis coming (for the last 2 decades) are just plain stupid.

    The warmist slur marshalled against blind socialists doesn't make it ok. I hope Coyne takes good care of himself because I want him to live to see CAGW debunked. I will frame his apology and hang it in an outhouse.

  2. The truth is starting to come out re no pension cuts in OAS, but of course the media is shilling that as the PM being forced to backtrack. Poor PMSH, he can't win, damned if he does, damned if he doesn't.
    Of course the media and opposition will never admit they were wrong about it.
    Wonder what they will do in the yelling match, formerly known as QP.

  3. The NDFPQF have consistantly gone against bills which the conservatives have instroduced in the HOC for: seniors, aboriginals, canadians and canada.

    When will it take the SNN to remind them of it.

    Remember when Mulroney brought in the GST and how Chretien campaigned to do away with it which he NEVER did but took this government to decrease it?

    Well, it is going to happen with this very issue on the benefits oas etc. they will campaign over and over with ads, their media as added adorsement to help them bring down the government. but, will the libs deal with pension etc as chretien with the gst? not a chance.

  4. Given that the evaluation of the OAS commissioned by the Harper government in 2009 didn't reveal anything substantively new, it's hard for the Harper government to claim that the subject requires immediate attention lest Canada becomes the Greece of North America. There's nothing wrong with getting ahead of the curve on future spending requirements but if it was such a big deal then why hasn't the Harper government brought it up before now, like during an election campaign for example.

    Perhaps the PMO should sound out the backbenchers before putting stuff out as policy options...just a thought.

  5. Two kinds? climate change denier.