Friday, February 3, 2012

Should James Moore Be A Cabinet Minister?

Today's poll question; do you think that James Moore should be sitting in cabinet? The Tory Heritage Minister is under fire for recent comments to a Sun News reporter that she's a "pawn" for her employer after a question about the CBC broadcasting porn. He went on to say that Sun News is going to be shut down (I'll try not to hold my breath while waiting for that prophecy comes true). Even Heather Mallick has come out in favour of Moore, once considered to be a bright star of this Conservative Party. I'm starting to wonder if he's attended too many galas and parties to be thinking straight on the matter of Canadian culture. Nobody gets to attend more parties than a Heritage minister. Should he be booted out of Cabinet, shuffled out of Heritage, or stay in his current job?

For more dialogue on this matter, check out the comment section over at Blue Like You.


  1. "Moore is known for having liberal views on social issues that sometimes put him in conflict with other members of his party." From Wikipedia.

    Perhaps Moore's "liberalism" has segued into "Liberalism".

    I have never understood his love for the CBC, or why Harper picked him to be Heritage Minister. If he is considered a "political lightweight" by other Party members,as suggested on another BT blog,he shouldn't be in a position where he can embarrass the Conservatives.

    Send the guy to the backbenches and put in his place someone who has the balls to confront CBC on their refusal to show us the books.

  2. The CBC had a friend indeed. Cheers.

  3. When Guergis had her airport meltdown Harper should have removed her from cabinet immediately. Instead he stuck by her and paid the political price.

    Has Harper learned his lesson?

    If Moore isn't gone shortly we will know he learned nothing from the Guergis fiasco.

  4. Should Moore keep his job. **Definitely Not**
    Mr. PM get rid of this CBC parasite.

    1. parasite? do you mean Pat Martin.

  5. I had to answer no because you didn't have an option for f&^k no.

  6. I find Moore's actions, or non actions as a cabinet minister a disappointment. He seems a little too "Liberal", especially when it comes to the CBC. What I find most troubling is his veiled threat to the reporter (Kris Sims) from Sun News. What does Minister Moore know about the future of Sun News that we don't? Heritage is not the right place for Minister Moore. Moore's defensivness and hostility towards anyone questioning the motives and usefullness of the CBC is very troubling. I wrote to Minister Moore's office with regards to the CBC, and while he replied in a courteous and prompt manner, his ultimate answer was to encourage me to write to the king of CBC, Hubert LaCroix... WTF? Which begs the question... who the hell is running the CBC and are they answerable to the Minister, or anyone else outside of the bunker? Is the CBC unanswerable and unaccountable to the Ministry? Is the CBC encouraged to behave like some rogue cheerleader of the extreme left?

  7. What about Pat Martin that foul mouth SOB has attack Bev Oda remember that, then calling bereaved father 'honourable asshole. He is so nasty so foul both in and out of the HOC... should be shown with videos on the SNN networks everyday.

  8. According to this Moore is backtracking and also according to Harper they,Harper party, do not run CBC.

    No porn on CBC, Moore says

  9. He should be fired... because he is incompetent.
    Hopefully ... he will cross the floor and sit with his kindred spirits.

  10. He still has promise, but needs more time. I do think he is on the left tory side; after all he is from Burnaby, so had all those lefty teachers growing up.

  11. I like Sun Media...they have lots of porn.

  12. Shuffle him to the useless "Staus of Women" ministry. It would be a hoot. It would be a total kick in the nuts for him and a dare for feminist groups to protest.

    "Why *CAN'T* a man be minister for Status Of Women? Are you sexist?"

  13. Actually I hope Sun news sues him for making public statements that adversely affected their stock prices.

    Don't sue the government - sue HIM.