Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Christy Clark's Downward Spiral Continues

When the BC Liberal Party selected Christy Clark to become Premier of the province, she promised to hold elections promptly to seek a mandate from the people (which she currently lacks). She has since delayed the next election to 2013, which could prove to be a costly mistake considering that her popularity peaked right after she took over the top job. Support for the Liberals has been slowly sliding downward ever since, despite a desperate volley of attack ads against both the Conservative and NDP leaders. The Liberals were at 41% a year ago but now sit at 28%, well behind the NDP at 42% with the BC Tories at 19%. Clark's approval numbers are also falling. In this instance, attack ads are backfiring.

In British Columbia the Conservatives won 45.5% of the vote in the last federal election, and probably 80% of those people voted Liberal provincially. The Liberals won 13.5% of the vote federally, and those people seem to be split about 40-60 between Liberals and NDP provincially. The ideal conditions would be to have 3 functional parties that resemble the federal vote split come election time (45-32-13). The BC Liberals are in a death spiral, and those Conservatives still sitting on the Titanic would be advised to jump in a life boat at the nearest opportunity. They are taking on water and sinking fast. Let Christy do what Christy does best, appeal to the left of center and fight with the NDP for the hearts and minds of the left wing.

Vote Conservative.


  1. The NDP or the Libs in BC. The right whingers don't stand a chance.

  2. she can't do that though because we have set election dates here, that would have broke the rules to the new set election dates in BC. so I didn't beleive that promise in the first place.
    but yeah she isn't much of a leader. I don't like that she use to slam Harper on cknw radio. and we can't have her be preimer.

  3. If the NDP only get a minority, the Cristy Libs and Cons can form a coalition government!!!!

    Heh, if it's good for the LibDippers it's good for the LibCons too

  4. Anyone in the construction industry in B.C. right now will tell you things are NOT looking very good,and if we are unfortunate or stupid enough to vote in an NDP government, we will sit on the sidelines just like we did in the '90's,and watch Alberta and Saskatchewan boom.

    Just today I spoke to the owner of a local medium sized drywall company,employs about thirty men. He has no work and there's nothing to bid on. He's off to Saskatoon,doesn't figure to be back for five years if at all.

    Our construction company is on it's last few jobs,layoffs all over,trades,management,office staff, and nothing on the horizon.

    This Province is in a recession,despite what the chamber of commerce tells you,and the engine of the economy right now is the oil and gas exploration and the pipelines being built up North.

    Anyone who follows B.C. politics knows the NDP will shut down the exploration and do their damnedest to stop the pipelines. They are greener than any other political Party in the Province and they are fundamentally opposed to forestry, mining,oil and gas,pipelines. They'll shut 'em down.

    THAT is a "given".

    We all hate CC and the Liberals,but again,let's NOT vote in a hard line communist/socialist government,unless you want to see the Province destroyed economically. The NDP have f***ed up the economy of every Province they've gotten their hands on and B.C. will be no exception if we're dumb enough to vote them in.

    There IS an alternative,Cummins and the Conservatives.

    He isn't perfect,but no matter how bad a Conservative government could be,they won't do nearly as much harm as an NDP government.

  5. I would love to Vote Conservative, but they have no representation in my riding which is south Surrey. The BC Conservative party needs to get its act together and soon.

  6. anon wait till next election they plan on having them run in every riding across B.C I will be voting BC Conservative.

  7. You have to wonder what the heck the BC Liberals were thinking inserting kristy Klark as "leader'... what a huge mistake! Despite some fear mongering about voting BC Conservative, and that it will only result in comrade Dix and the NDP taking power, I will be supporting the BC Conservatives. It's long past the time that BC had a real Conservative party running the Provinces affairs. If comrade Dix and the commies take over, they will ruin the Provinces finances in a hurry, no doubt about it. However, the BC Liberals have got to go... the HST fiasco, carbon taxes, bloody smart meters, BC Rail scandal and the appointing of Kristy has sealed they're fate. I will be voting BC Conservative.

  8. Sean,I believe the Liberals simply fell for a "pretty face" ,as do so many people who suspend their critical thinking in the love fest surrounding a popular person.

    Examples; the followers of Obama and Pierre Trudeau.

    Christy Clark is MY "desert Island politician". If I was to be stranded on a desert isle,a la "Gilligan's Island",I'd much rather it was with Christy than Dix or Cummins. Call me heterosexual if you must.

    BUT,I do NOT for one minute believe she has the ability to run this Province like a good CEO must,especially in these tough economic times. I also believe Christy Clark is morally compromised,by the BC Rail covered-up scandal,and is intent on lining the pockets of too many of her friends.

    So, being sensible BC'ers,wanting to punish Christy and her Party,let's boot her the hell out,but let us NOT shoot ourselves in the foot while doing so by electing an NDP government.

    If anyone thinks we're in a recession now, just wait until an NDP government takes over! If you're not in a public sector Union,B.C. will be a miserable place to live under the anti-capitalism Dippers.

    1. DMorris, I wouldn't say that Christy won the leadership because she won hearts and minds or that men thought she was attractive (she does poll higher with men than women). She won because she took over Charles Adler's afternoon time slot, and had enough fans willing to buy Liberal memberships and vote for her as leader. It was never the smart choice, and polls are starting to show this.

      I think Christy can thank Charles Adler for her winning the Premier job. I was among the people who tuned in for Adler one afternoon to find him replaced by Christy Clark. They bumped Adler to evenings, which turned out to be a good time slot. I gave Christy a chance, and never liked her show. I can never vote for her to be Premier, no matter how many Conservative staffers she hires or attack ads she runs.

  9. Ice,Christy is typical of the phenomenon of our times whereby attractive people who can cheerlead gain a crowd of admirers.Doesn't matter whether it's men or women in the fan club,most people like to be with a "star" and even more like to be with a winner.

    It wasn't always thus,or Eisenhower would never have got elected.

    Christy's a star,liberals hoped she was a winner,
    and jumped on the bandwagon.That she was a "media sensation", not a political one,only shows the lack of maturity of thought of many in her Party.

    Christy belongs in television as host of a BC version of "The View" where she and other dumb bitches with a grudge can get together and vent against everyone they don't like.

    That's why I vote Conservative,they have dull,but capable people in charge.

    1. She's not ugly, but she's no Helen of Troy. Being physically attracted someone is no reason to choose them leader. That being said, I did support Belinda Stronach in the last Tory leadership race. Hindsight being 20/20, it wasn't her resume that won me over.