Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Topp Stumbles In British Columbia

If you happened to listen to newstalk radio in British Columbia today, you are likely aware that NDP leadership hopeful Brian Topp created outrage in his first campaign style trip to our province. He's here to build support for his leadership bid and while on a local radio show declared that Quebec should get more seats in Parliament. The phone boards erupted. I'm not sure if he's aware of this, but there is a significant anger in BC about our under-representation in Ottawa and you aren't going to win much support here by advocating for increased representation for Quebec. Roughly 1/3 of all card carrying NDP members are from BC, making this province the most powerful voting block in the leadership race. I can't imagine that Mulcair will oppose Topp's plan to put more seats in Quebec, which could create an opportunity for longshot candidates like Libby Davies and Peter Julian should they take the populist position.

Topp has already secured the endorsement of the most influential Dipper Ed Broadbent, but it will be difficult for any candidate to win the nomination without substantial support from BC. Topp is a dud and Mulcair is divisive. This leadership campaign could be very interesting. You could end up with a situation where polarization between the top two contenders paves the way for longshot sneak in and win the race, like when the Liberals stumbled into Stephane Dion.

As Charles Adler said recently on his radio show, "some people say that nobody is irreplaceable. Well if Brian top is the replacement, then Jack Layton is irreplaceable."


  1. Topp didn't stumble, he's trying to outflank Mulcair.
    Broadbent is trying to preserve labour influence by backing Topp.

    Layton was dancing on the head of a pin during the second place election.
    A great gamble that got him official opposition status.
    If you look at it now.
    It wasn't so audacious for him to run for PM.
    He hadn't the time.
    I think he knew it, too.

    On the pinnacle of his achievement and dead three months later. With only one brief session in the House to savour it.

    By the way, Mulcair will win.
    Remember, he's done a reverse Rae and won a seat in Quebec when no one else had.

    I just wish he'd fucking shave.
    I don't trust people with facial hair.

  2. And today Nycole said Quebec is a nation is Canada, and 50% plus one could win a referendum to leave. Topp agrees with that. When did he start to recruit Broadbent. But until he puts up some money and files nomination papers, he is a nobody. More seats for quebec is not a winning platform for provinces other than Quebec. They might have more members in Que, but don't have the members to vote, and we will not stand for anymore blackmail from that province.

  3. oopd, in Canada, not is Canada.

  4. Mary T- You also misspelled oops...not that I noticed...:-)

  5. That is so my daughter can catch me making a spelling error, which I seldom so. I am always correcting hers and the g/kids. Just want to know I am human.
    I never noticed that d instead of s. lol

  6. Perhaps they think they will swamp the Leadership race with new NDP members from Quebec. Then it doesn't matter what the BC membership, thinks, says or how they vote.

  7. When I heard that Broadbent had endorsed Topps, I thought "Oh, not another party leader from Quebec". And I am an anglophone from Montreal now retired in Ontario.

    This total bilingualism requirement and Quebec blessing requirement has seriously narrowed the talent pool in this country for so many positions of leadership.

  8. To loud cheers, Mycole ended her speech to the caucus with we are united and ready to take on Harper. What do they plan to do, form a coalition. How can they stop the PM and this government.
    Today is the official launch of the leadership race, let's see if Topp puts up his money.
    If Quebec suddenly increases ndp membership to outnumber the numbers in the west, something is very fishy about that.

  9. "Mycole?" Your on a role today maryT...LOL

  10. Just seeing if anyone is paying attention, and they are.
    And if Topp can stumble, so can I. lol

  11. Who the hell cares what the nutters in the NDP or the Beggars in Quebec think or do?

    Nobody. If Quebec wants to leave, then bon voyage, but they are not getting any more money and have to take their per capita debt with them.

    Fair question, fair vote . . . no ore election blackmail from Quebec.

  12. Why would BC dippers support someone who want to give more seats to Quebec.
    The ndp plan to elect the next PM of Canada, in 2015. What a surprise they are in for.
    At Issue tonight hinted that Mulcair will not run. I think he is planning to take his supporters in caucus and pull a Buchard, thereby giving him the largest opposition party.
    Benefits of this, save 15,000, save his house leader salary of 40,000, save the problem of raising 500,000 to finance a campaign. And he would gain a huge paycheque should the PM give him opposition leader status.
    OMG, no spelling mistakes