Thursday, September 22, 2011

Libby Davies Backs Out

As a Conservative blogger I must confess my disappointment that Libby Davies has dropped out of contention for the leadership of the NDP. I was really looking forward to providing a commentary on Libby's candidacy, whether she won or lost, it would have been nice if she at least participated. Now the leadership debates are less likely to include arguments on why crystal meth should be legalized. Libby has some of the most embarrassing personal policy positions in the party, so it does benefit the Dippers to remove her from the race before candidates begin debating issues. Libby did have a distinct advantage over Mulcair and Topp by being a cornerstone of the BC wing of the NDP, a province which contains 1/3 of all card carrying Dippers. I wouldn't be surprised if the party brass prefers no BC candidates such that nobody gets that "BC boost". We have some of the most bat-shit crazy Dippers in the country.

Now that Broadbent and Romanow have endorsed Topp, I'm curious to know if they are trying to talk other candidates out of running. This week the NDP also lost popular east coaster Megan Leslie as a candidate, as both her and Libby don't speak French. I never expected Libby to win the nomination, but I at least wanted her to run. Thus far the trend has been candidates dropping out, to the point where nobody is going to be left to run against the front runner.


  1. The NDP practicing what they believe in: Social Engineering

  2. I agree it would have been nice.
    Public scrutiny of her associations with organizations that want to eliminate Israel and kill Jews would be in the interest of all Canadians.
    She is the quintessential NDP free loader of our system of democracy and it would be healthy indeed for the whole country to get a good clear look at her.

  3. Nobody else running? The Liberal way. Appoint the leader and save on the expense of a convention.