Monday, September 26, 2011

Bob Rae Rips NDP

Canada voted today to extend our military mission in Libya despite the vocal opposition of the NDP, but the most surprising part of the entire debate was when Liberal leader Bob Rae blasted the Dippers for wanting to cut and run. He even went so far as to call their position ridiculous. "It is a fundamentally absurd proposition. Because of the internal workings of the New Democratic Party, they say we have to be the party of peace. Well, we’re all the party of peace... It does not mean you have to be a party of appeasement or of indifference."

I was not expecting any friendly fire between Liberals and Dippers this fall, but it is plausible that the Libs will actually try to win votes back from the NDP. In this salvo Bobby attacked one of the NDP's greatest weaknesses, foreign policy, so he wasn't exactly pulling punches. In the event that these two parties were to merge, the greatest internal divisions would likely occur on matters of foreign policy. The NDP and the Liberals disagreed quite often over Afghanistan (except when it came to accusing our troops of being war criminals).


  1. Does this mean there will be no merger either federally of provincially via a coalition in Ont.

  2. Quite frankly, not too many people care what Rae thinks about anything. His position is irrelevant.

  3. BOB RAE the one who bankrupt ontario and prorogued his provincial government for many months. Is he you refer to. Bob Rae is a smooth talker.

    Is this the same liberal party that pounded the conservatives over the taliban's abuse while the our troops and many afghans were getting killed by the taliban terrorists?

  4. Rae knows the dippers well,after all he is still one of them,He has the advantage of being rudely initiated into reality,thats why he abandoned the unicorn,kumbya BS..I dislike Rae but I hope he rips the dipper placeholders to shreds.I often wonder how many of our sons and daughters died because of libsh*t and dipsh*t political posturing.