Saturday, September 24, 2011

Christy Clark's Failure In Vancouver Riots

We are starting to find out more of the many reasons why BC Premier Christy Clark changed her mind and postponed our next election, such as this story that she received a request from the Vancouver mayor and police chief for more money to put more police officers in the streets for game 7 of the Stanley Cup final. Her answer was no, and the consequences of this decision was a horrific and embarrassing riot that saw businesses looted and police cars burned. The police presence was far too low to control the crowds, and Christy shares responsibility. It is no wonder that she came out so forcefully the next day promising to bring the hooligans to justice, unfortunately here we are several months after the incident and very few people have even been charged with a crime (despite most of the offenders being captured on video looting).

We need to support the BC Conservative Party if we are going to block the NDP from taking power when we finally get to the next election. The BC Liberals are proper f**ked.

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  1. The incompetence and unaccountability coming from all levels of Government with regards to the riot is nauseating to say the least. If only BC had a real media we might finally find out why all levels of Government and the cops so royally screwed up, and failed to do their jobs. The unelected Premier, Christy (the clown) Clark is a bloody joke, a stuck on stupid, nit wit! Clark was to busy playing unelected Premier and taking in the perks of the job to realize that the job is not all photo ops and cronyism and actually comes with responsibilities.