Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What To Do With Tory MP Who Sent Amorous E-Mails?

Today's poll question; what should happen to the Tory MP who sent amorous e-mails to a Chinese state journalist? Should he be removed from his Parliamentary Secretary role? Should he be expelled from caucus? We have yet to learn all of the details about this story, but what we do know doesn't look good for Mr. Dechert. At the very least he showed poor judgement, and at worst he could have shared sensitive information. We did not expel Maxime Bernier from caucus when he left cabinet files at his girlfriend's apartment, and I don't think we should toss Dechert from the Party. That being said, he should be removed from his Parliamentary Secretary role, even if only temporarily while a formal investigation takes place.

Given the symbiotic relationship between the Chinese spy agency and the Chinese news agency, an investigation as to what information might have been shared is warranted. Was this just e-mails, or was there also a physical relationship? Was the journalist proactive in this relationship, or did this MP just get horny for a woman who did not reciprocate? I'm sure it is not impossible that the Chinese government would send attractive females to foreign countries with the purpose of extracting information from horny male politicians. Knowing which of the two initiated these flirtatious exchanges could affect my opinion on this story, but either way Mr. Dechert showed poor judgement.

At least one Blogging Tory is defending Mr. Dechert, but the Phantom Observer appears to be alone on this one at this early stage in the story.


  1. Give 'em pork and appoint himnto London

  2. Hey all,

    Or is it just possible that CSIS was well on top of this from the get go, and was using the MP's advances for the purpose of counter-intelligence work?

    Nobody in the Canadian media knows anything about our intelligence gathering operations. Not a thing. Zip. Zilch. And none of that info is going to come to light either, for very obvious reasons.

    Sorry, but this is one of those issues that you let the big boys handle. And none of us are sitting at the adult's table for this turkey dinner.

  3. Take away his security clearance, deny him access to classified material. If he can't do his job like that. Send him to the back bench.

  4. (Also posted at The Phantom Observer)
    Am I the only one who finds some humour in this? A couple of years ago, the Liberals and their Press Gallery cronies were complaining the Harper government was bungling its relationship with China. They called for a “charm offensive” to restore supposedly previously solid ties with China, which the Conservative government had purportedly damaged with its pesky insistence on bringing up human rights.

    Now in 2011, on account of the ridiculous behaviour of someone apparently in the throes of a mid-life crisis (MP Dechert), who may have taken the meaning of Foreign Affairs a little too literally, plus the prurient interest of an apparently idle journalist (Glen McGregor), the spectre of Chinese spies lurking everywhere is being advanced by critics of the government.

    Two equally silver-topped MPs are apparently not calling for Dechert to resign.
    -- Gabby in QC

  5. Wish him the best in his personal life.

  6. one with any intelligence must know that you can't trust any Chinese national, therefore he is either really stupid or it was a deliberate plan; its not possible right know or probably ever to find out which

  7. Dechert cheated on his wife. If a man can't be loyal to his wife...he won't be loyal to his country. Revoke his security clearance. Now.

    Should set aside his political ambition and do the right thing. Take away Dechert's security clearance and fire him. He cannot be trusted. Just ask Mrs Dechert.

  8. Remove him from the secretary role and revoke his security clearance.He should have known better.

    As far as the human rights issue goes ,sorry China but we wont back down.The same way how we face our demons so now must the dragon.Chinese people are not a resource to used and discarded at will.

    Seeing as how Canada is in a rather unique position in the 21st century ,we dont need to change our stance about the issue of human rights.The fact that you scrub your intranet clean of Tianneman Square speaks volumes on where the dragon stands at this point in time and history.