Monday, August 2, 2010

Liberal MP Cut Shaving

Breaking news from the Liberal Express, Liberal MP Brian Murphy cut himself shaving. This is making headlines at the Liberal website because the fearless leader made the comment that "Murphy scraps so hard for you he's bleeding, and he bleeds Liberal red!" Evidently this is among the most interesting and relevant things that is happening on Pandora's Bus today. How about policy announcements? How long is Ignatieff going to keep his agenda hidden? As Mr. Murphy put it "I can only hope for bright sunny political days ahead for Canada under Michael Ignatieff. His humanity and humility marry well with his passion and experience, not to mention his excellent square dancing skills!" Humility? Really? And his "humanity" supports the use of coerced interrogations.

And yes, blood is red. Vampires and leeches feed on "Liberal red"...


  1. LOL, no wonder after a week on the magical bus tour, Wherry announced he's taking a holiday!

    Iffy has squat for experience and even less when it comes to judgement.
    3/4 of his caucus have more political experience than Iffy.

    Today Iffy also discovered Farmers Markets!!!
    Gee, maybe next week the appointed one will be in awe that Northerners actual make things from animal skins, and sell them!!!

  2. I wonder if he cut himself with a Gillette razor. That brand, after all, favours Tory blue in its products.

  3. Another day on the Pablum Express?

    I can't remember any policy announcements on what the Liberals would do differently except they will not allow the corporate tax cuts to go through.

    Funny thing is in Ontario many businesses have gone under because they can't compete with Quebec and foreign companies lower input costs.

    Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty brought in HST and is lowering the corporate taxes to make Ontario more competitive.

  4. Thank goodness we no longer use straight razors. One psychopathic bus episode is enough.


  5. What!! This dummy has never heard of a rechargeable electric razor. When I traveled, I always packed one in case I had two or three meetings in a day just so I could freshen up between sessions.