Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rae Calls Mulcair "Mini-Harper"

Bob Rae must be afraid of Tom Mulcair stealing some of his mojo, as today he called the new NDP leader a "mini-Harper", a moniker that is surely offensive in left wing circles. Personally I don't think Mulcair is anything like Stephen Harper and that the comment is more offensive to the Prime Minister than visa versa. The NDP would be lucky if their new leader is as effective and efficient as the man who currently leads a majority government. The comment shows that there is some concern on Rae's part that Mulcair is either a threat to his long-term chances at forming government, perhaps just a short-term threat to steal television time, or both. This much is clear, the Mulcair era is beginning with some nastiness by the Liberal leader, which might be a sign of things to come. Stay tuned...


  1. Guess Rae didn't like it when the media ,after a scrum ,dumped Rae and dashed over to interview Mulcair. Then the NDP filabustered with the budget and Rae had little time to be in the TV spotlight.Also, looks like the Lib/NDP love affair is off because Mulcair said no coalition with the Liberal party.

    1. Also, looks like the Lib/NDP love affair is off because Mulcair said no coalition with the Liberal party.

      For now. They'll eventually kiss and make up.

    2. TangoJuliette sez:

      CBC TV P&P gave Boob almost 15 minutes of air time, the other night. Sadly, Boob only had about three and a half minutes worth of blab.

      The rest of Boob's air time was taken up with him looking like someone being in a place he wanted to occupy, but, at that exact moment, wasn't quite ready to occupy. That's when Boob's limited arse-nal of talking points went into some sort of verbal porn flick mode where Boob went into a continuous loop routine, repeatedly repeating himself repetitively ,over and over again - only louder and with more frothing at the mouth, more spittle flying each time he went back to square one. Seems that Boob may be just a wee tad OVER-hydrated.

      My Cole's Notes Version?

      "Harper is bad. Harper is evil. Harper is not fit to be Prime Minister. Harper lies." Boob's underlying, unspoken yet implied, sentiment could probably be correctly read as "this guy doesn't have the right to be alive, to breath the air that all we good folk breath."

      t.e.& o.e.

  2. I think Rae's comments were related more to style than substance, I expect Mr. Mulcair will perhaps employ some of the same divisive 'us or them', 'right versus wrong' arguments employed so effectively by PM Harper. I don't know that the NDP has the war chest though to employ the strategy as effectively as the more deep pocketed Conservatives.

    Canadian politics used to be polite, not any more.

    1. yes, i remember the polite PET and the very gracious Sheila Copps.

  3. If Boob Rae couldn't dis somebody he wouldn't have anything to say.
    Well, apart from demanding a resignation.