Wednesday, April 18, 2012

BC Byelections Thursday

Just a reminder to the people of Chilliwack-Hope and Port Moody-Coquitlam to get out Thursday and vote in those BC provincial byelections for the Conservative candidates. These are strong right leaning ridings who otherwise vote Liberal provincially out of fear of the NDP, but the Christy Clark party is mortally wounded and doomed to lose the next general election. The sooner you abandon ship for a fresh new start, the better. It starts Thursday. Advance polls saw a significant increase in turnout, which tends to be a bad sign for the incumbent party. It's time for all the former Socreds to pick up and move to a new home with the BC Tories. The Liberals have passed their expiration date, and are surviving on borrowed time. Christy originally wanted a quick election to get a mandate from the people, until she discovered that the people don't much like her, now she'll delay as long as possible. Let's send a message.


  1. if those 2 ridings go conservative don,t they need 1 more to be official party status and then they get the official party status funding
    all they would need is one more defector.

  2. Extremely doubtful that they are getting both ridings, most likely NDP will accomplish that task but one can hope that the Conservatives nab one. :)

  3. I think Joe Trasolini (NDP) will take Port Moody, no contest. I'm hoping John Martin, the Conservative candidate takes the Chilliwack-Hope riding.

  4. your probably badbeta but can't I have wishful thinking though. I am a staunch Conservative and would love to see a huge upset in the making. my dream is to have the 3 most western provinces go conservative. with bc Cons/ wild Rose Alliance/ and the saskachewan Party. and then we could have a true western Gateway for Jobs. with alberta and Saskachewans farming and oil and B.C logging and mining, we could do real well.

  5. sorry was suppose to be your probably rite badbeta some times I type so fast.

  6. It'll be interesting to see if the Conservatives can take Chilliwack,which they should,it's always been a conservative Riding.

    According to Alex Tsakumis,who has a wealth of political experience,Coq-PM is a lock for Trasolini.

    Roy, my "wishful thinking" goes just a little farther than yours, I'd like to see FOUR Western Provinces with conservative governments by any name.

    Then maybe we can discuss a Western autonomous region,within Canada, and finally allow exploration off the B.C. coast. And make no more equalization payments to Quebec.

  7. I'm from Chilliwack and now in NDP hell, I moved from MB to get away from that crap. Gwen O'whatever after I don't know how many times finally took the seat because....
    1. Libs and Conservatives split the bleepin' vote because of thestrong conservative candidate
    2. I imagine voter turnout was under 40% and NDP got their vote out. People are so $#@&^&^%*^$ lazy here. Municipal turnout was under 30%. An absolute embarassment.
    We have an older population and I imagine they are voting NDP because they want their payoff.
    Socialism is a great thing until you run out of money.
    Unless the Libs kick Christy's ass to the curb toot sweet, the next stop is have not province!

    Shane in the 'wack