Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Parliament Returns, Does Anyone Care?

Canadian Parliament has resumed for another session, 17 months into the Conservatives majority mandate. The Tories have a comfortable lead in the polls, as all that fuss last spring over the sinister "omnibus budget" appears to have fallen on deaf ears. Is the average Canadian even paying attention right now? We suffered through more than 6 years of minority governments where every faux controversy was sensationalized and the next election was always right around the corner. Most of us have been enjoying the comparable peace and tranquility of majority rule. Even some political bloggers have struggled to stay interested. Who knows, with the NHL currently locked out, maybe there will be a few extra Canadians tuned in to Parliament Hill this fall?

The NDP seems to have lost some support to the Liberals over the summer, ironic considering Mulcair has been trying to move the party closer to the political center where the greatest plurality of voters are found. Perhaps the Liberals received a bounce from Bob Rae announcing he won't run for permanent leadership? With the Liberal Party continuing to struggle for relevance in a crowded political left, it's fun to see Gloria Galloway at the Globe vigorously defending the party seriously lacking tangible policy (difficult to do without a permanent leader). The more things change, the more they stay the same. The Liberals have been accused of lacking substance and they're not going to take it anymore dammit! Rumour has it that Liberal strategists will try to capitalize on Mitt Romney's "victims" gaffe by comparing Stephen Harper to Romney. Good luck with that...


  1. harper does have Romneys' charming cut 'em loose and everyman for them-self attitude, a tendency to cofabulschmoze the facts, and other great things in common

    1. FYI:
      "Harper Named 2012 World Statesman By U.S. Foundation
      The Huffington Post Canada | Posted: 09/11/2012 ...
      ... Its board includes former U.S. president Bill Clinton and former U.S. secretaries of state Madeleine Albright, James Baker, retired general Colin Powell and George Schultz.

      Harper's office says the prime minister is being recognized as "a champion of democracy, freedom, and human rights." ..."

      -- Gabby in QC

  2. Actually lungta this one difference, Canadians keep voting for Harper so he cant be all that bad.

  3. "Romney" isn't a Canadian Politician he is however very successful, has a lovely family.
    Somewhat of a compliment, lunga.
    Anyone with an IQ above room temperture realizes that the Gubbamint that gives y'all free "shit" has to get it's money from the people that pay taxes, or borrow from the Chi-Coms.
    This simply can't continue.
    As for MR Muclair he is going to carbon tax us into being the "New" Europe with the help of the increasingly out of touch "Media Party"
    Cheers Bubba
    It does not work just like Obama the Golfer if only he was that passionate about actually doing his job.
    Cheers Bubba Brown