Friday, August 24, 2012

CRTC Fines Liberal Party For Illegal Robocalls

It is nice to see that the Liberal party has been fined for making illegal and misleading robocalls during the last election in the riding of Guelph, breaking election rules. Interesting though that the penalty is coming from the broadcast regulator, and not the electoral regulator (which did not consider the matter worth investigating). Elections Canada is far too pre-occupied with the hunt for Pierre Poutine to actually reprimand the third place party for breaking the rules. The CRTC seems to take the enforcement of rules and regulations more seriously. But hey, what's wrong with paid partisan phone calls pretending to be from a regular citizen and not from a political party? Some might call that fraud, others might call it an accidental misunderstanding.

Don't forget, Valeriote had the biggest vote gain of any Liberal in Canada over 2008. He jumped from 32% to 43% while his party was decimated, his leader defeated. Whatever Frank did, you can't argue that he got strong results. With Liberals collapsing all around him in apocalyptic fashion, Frank gained ground. Good job Frank.


  1. Fraud or accidental misunderstanding? It's irrelevant what people may think. The reality is that the regulations were broken and the party/parties that break those rules should suffer the consequences. Frank Valeriote can say it was an accidental oversight until he's blue in the face but that doesn't change reality. In my opinion, the penalty of $4900 is not enough.

    On the other hand, the fact Valeriote gained so much ground in contrast to his party in other ridings, one must remember the efforts made to get out the youth vote, especially in university towns. Remember this?
    That may partly explain Valeriote's gains.

    -- Gabby in QC

  2. There was the small matter of the illegal ballot box at Un of Guelph, declared outside the rules by EC, but that the votes should count anyway. Which party organized this voting poll?
    Yesterday Valeriote said EC was fine with his explanation of his bogus robocall.
    With Guelph bearing the brunt of EC investigations, one would hope they would show some interest in these other incidents. Otherwise it appears they are interested only in nailing the PC party on rule violations.

  3. I'm glad the Liberals got fined... Now according to what they shouted at the Conservatives (who have not been fined), there should be an bi-election!! True, true.

    But I do have one question: Why is it the CRTC fining them and not Elections Canada?

  4. Had it been a ndp candidate instead of the con; breaking news every where and Valeriote would be asked to step down BUT, it only happened to a conservative therefore nothing to cry about.

    The Guelph voters who were swayed to vote for Valeriote should asked for a bi-election.

    BTW, don't expect Frank to pay the fine and why should he? Many of his colleagues mps still owe money to the EC and so far, they are not obeying the rules so, EC ignores it.

    As fast the story broke is as fast the media hides it from the public. In fact, I don't think that many Guelph voters know of the story.

    EC has lost credibility far less for them to act on it.