Wednesday, May 15, 2013

So What Happens If The Seatless Premier Loses Byelection(s)?

Last night the BC Liberals shocked the world and won a large majority, the only snag being that Premier Christy Clark failed to win her own seat. Now she'll have to ask one of her elected members to quit so she can run in their riding in a byelection. The big question is what happens if she loses? Will she have to ask someone else to quit, then run in another byelection? Or could she just do her entire term from outside the legislature?

This could yet get embarrassing for Christy, who is running a party with a long list of things they have done to piss people off. Being in power for that long means there will be a continuously growing mass of actions and inactions that have angered the voting public. Whoever runs against Clark in the byelection will have plenty of ammunition for reasons voters should punish the party. Voters who choose to punish the Liberals won't have to worry about electing NDP government. Voting against Christy Clark in byelections will not make "Tricky Dix" the new Premier.

Wherever Christy does decide to run, the BC Conservatives should pour everything they have into that fight. Find the highest profile person possible, preferably someone who lives in the riding. Get out all the volunteers, call all your financial contributors, even take out a bank loan if necessary. Let's put a Conservative into the BC legislature.


  1. I don't agree with this practice at all, if a Party leader is defeated in his own Riding,he should be out,and the remaining MLA's in the Party can choose a new leader from their ranks.

    And I'd say the same if Stephen Harper won a majority but lost his own seat.

    But,back to reality, it looks pretty good for Our Christy,( my doesn't she have lovely teeth), to run in West Van/Capilano. The current incumbent is rich,pensionable,and the voters of that Riding would love to have the Premier as their MLA.

  2. This happened to the Premier of Alberta in the late 80's. An MLA will step down, the premier runs in a safe seat, then the MLA that stepped down gets a fat patronage appointment.

  3. I agree with dmorris. unfortunately this has been the practice in Canadian politics for a long time now.