Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Liberals Win, Christy Loses

Those pundits who late Tuesday night declared Christy Clark to be a new "political giant" and "comeback kid" might have wanted to stay up a little bit longer to see if she won her own seat before declaring her to be a historic champion. Most party leaders who win a majority government also win their own seat, right? Most of the people who actually had Christy Clark on their ballot voted for someone else, even as the non-NDP party won a majority.

If this BC election result proves anything, it is that negative advertising works (most of the time). The NDP refused to run attack ads for most of the campaign, while the Liberals ran continuous attack ads since Christy came to power. I guess winning a majority gives her power even if she did not win a seat in the legislature? It seems stupid that the NDP would select a leader who was kicked out of government for forging documents. There has to be enough candidates to choose someone with a clean slate.

I won't lie, I voted NDP in this election. Not because I wanted NDP government, but because I strongly believe our ruling party needs to be replaced. The Conservatives completely choked. That was the party I wanted to vote for, but they did not earn it. It was a complete disaster. John Cummins, nice guy though he may be, is done. I voted Liberal in 2009, even after the carbon tax, and I have felt like shit about it ever since. You could write a book on how the BC Conservatives squandered this campaign from the beginning, starting with fundraising.

I can only hope Christy quits after her own loss and goes back to the radio, but I know that won't happen. When I went to bed, the NDP led Vancouver-Point Grey by 316 votes with 140 of 147 polls reporting.


  1. I was hoping she would quit to. I want someone like kevin falcon or someone who is way more conservative. maybe stockwell Day. he would have been great.

  2. You have to be pragmatic in this life,Ice, sometimes things just don't turn out as nice and easy as you'd like. A good historical example is when Winston Churchill had to ally with Joseph Stalin in order to defeat Hitler.

    His classic,"if the Devil himself came out against Hitler,I should make a kindly reference to Hell in the House,next day", sums up the reality of politics quite nicely.

    I don't like Clark, haven't since she was a Minister in Campbell's government,and when she came back to run for Liberal leader, hoped like hell Abbott would win.

    But,she is a smart political animal. She has done very well for herself using her physical attractiveness to figuratively seduce the Liberal Party,and her simplistic attack ads exposed the weakness of Adrian Dix and the NDP.

    The NDP,through their own backstabbing of Carole James, brought about this defeat themselves, replacing a soft socialist that no one really hated,for a hard-left Marxist that most voters simply will not tolerate as Premier.

    Dix showed his total lack of understanding of economics repeatedly in the debates,which I believe were the turning point in the campaign. Dix came out against,Northern Gateway, fracking, site C, Kinder Morgan,then spouted off about how he'd lower taxes,and train young people for trades. It became obvious that he has little more understanding of how our economic system works than does the remarkably obtuse Jane Sterk of the Greens.

    We BC'ers made the right choice last night. In a perfect world,there would have been another viable alternative,but once again the Conservatives shot themselves in the foot electing an out-of-touch Leader and a far-right Party executive whose main claim to fame was to offend the gay community in Vancouver.

    I'm happy this morning, we've elected the FAR lesser of two evils. Be happy in that.

    And in the next four years, I am going to lobby hell out of my MLA to get rid of that f***ing carbon tax!

  3. The antiCanada environuts lost, how can that be anything but good news!

  4. because the enviroment stuff is still there i am wih denni on thatget rid of carbon tax science is on our side now. andcristy clark should stop the badgering on alberta. we need them on our side. not hating us.

    1. She was just in election mode, playing the tough guy. If the enviro assessment is positive, we will get our bitumen to Kitimat.

    2. but the assessment was done over a year ago Wilson. and frankly i get fed up with the fact that they even Buy into the global warming hoax. anyways glad liberals won not ndp. but not thrilled.

  5. I didn't lose I am conservative jim I won but I lost to because I know that carbon tax is just a usless tax. but I voted liberal only to thwart a ndp win. and that is what i see most conservatives did.

  6. It's not too late to change things. The by-election is an opportunity to get rid of Clark. If you seriously want to change this province work for her opponents in the by-election. I will be doing so. Doesn't matter who it is who cares.