Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Hunger Strike

I have been giving it a lot of thought lately, and it's about time that the government buys me a house. I'm considering going on a hunger strike until I get what should rightfully be mine. As a Canadian citizen, it should be a basic human right that the government buys me a house; and not just a shack in the woods, it needs to be a nice house wherever I want to live. I don't think that I should be responsible for cleaning or maintaining this house. I'd like the government to provide a maid service to keep my house liveable.

While we're at it, I only want to work for a few months per year. So on top of my new house, I'm demanding a living wage for extended seasonal vacations, provided by the government. This feels like a basic human right and a benefit I should be entitled to, and I won't eat until I get it from the Prime Minister. I also want the right to self government in my free house. If I want to open a casino or sell cheap smokes out of my basement, that should be my right as a Canadian.

Also, the government should pay off the balance of my student loan. Education is a right, but not one I should have to pay for. It's a right of mine that rich people should have to pay for me. A new car would be nice too. Everybody should get to own a car, a nice new car. A new Zamboni would be even better. Why doesn't the government pay for my trips to the dentist? They should. Failure to pay for me to get my teeth whitened is denying me basic minimal living conditions that should come automatically with my Canadian citizenship.

Since I make under $50,000 per year, I should not have to pay any taxes on anything. Let's just tax the rich. I want a card that exempts me from paying taxes. However the government should be forbidden from reviewing my finances for any reason. That should be a basic human right extended to all Canadians (except rich people), including free gas. I want free gas. Beiber gets free gas, I want free gas. Seems fair. Free gas should be a basic human right. Throw in a free car wash every now and then. I won't eat until this demand is met.

I'm willing to die for what's rightfully mine. I'm not going to take it anymore! I am owed a better life and will no longer stand idly by while the government denies my basic human rights.

“When several villages are united in a single complete community, the state comes into existence, originating in the bare needs of life, and continuing in existence for the sake of a good life.”



  1. and if i don't get what i want with a hunger strike i will close roads, bridges, railways and international border crossings. so there.................. old white guy says.

  2. haven't heard from you in awhile, i think. welcome back...........old white guy.

  3. I'm not eating until somebody buys me an I-Pad.

  4. And even if I get it all, I will still do my hunger strike,(except when I go to the hotel for pizza) even if it kills me, because I find all this attention by CBC exciting. NDP Charlie Angus says not to listen to Ezra because he's full of BULL S_ _ T.He said I am weak, but keep up with the hunger strike,,he needs the attention for his drowning party.

    I want Dalton McLier at the meeting...he's my idol.

  5. Iceman: The solution to your problem is quite simple. Search your ancestory to find some connection to a long lost native in your family's history. Get a treaty card and vote in the Liberals or the NDP.
    Failing that, get some Indian friend to swear that the great spirit bear told him/her that you are one with the land, then vote in the Liberals or the NDP.
    Powell Lucas

  6. Sarcasm aside ... I found it interesting that the CBC's Greg Weston, during last Friday's Power & Politics, admitted at Terry Milewski's prompting he had a hard time calling Chief Spence's action "a hunger strike" and during today's QP, Craig Oliver said that the Chief is consuming fish broth and tea, both of which are "nutritious" and contain quite a bit of vitamins.

    In other words, three journalists who are usually ready to attack the government's position on anything and everything and who reflexively take the side of government opponents showed some skepticism about the Chief's hunger strike.

    IMO, something else, or should I say someone else, is pushing the so-called grassroots "Idle No More" movement: a sore loser who refuses to accept she lost her leadership bid to Shawn Atleo. Add to that the sore losers who STILL have not accepted the fact Stephen Harper & the Conservatives won a majority and you have the makings of a protest movement.

    The very media-savvy Pam Palmater has been interviewed time and again, and although she's not one of the original 4 women who apparently started the Idle No More movement (Nina Wilson, Sylvia McAdam, Jessica Gordon & Sheelah McLean -- h/t to, she is being treated by some media as the go-to spokesperson for the Idle No More. I wonder if she will be a member of the delegation meeting with PM Harper on Dec. 11.
    -- Gabby in QC

    P.S. Welcome back. I hope you're here to stay.

    1. Who says I'm being sarcastic? ;)

      Am I back? That depends, was I ever really gone? Tories won a majority. What is the urgency? 2013 will be the year of Trudeau, the train wreck waiting to happen. That guy fucking pisses me off, I'm sure I'll have a few fucking things to say during the coronation...

  7. Glad you're back.......

  8. Welcome Back


  9. Nice to have you back,ice. You should immediately do a poll on whether we should let the Iceman starve.

    Being a typical Canadian,I tend to agree with your noble cause,plus I'd add a few quarts of your favourite drink to help keep your morale up.

  10. Glad to have you back. We need more of you. A place to VENT.
    Check out CBC Rex Murphy's Cross Country Check up tonight.Talk about a crock. 99% were in support of Idle no More and even a spot for one "GUEST" to BASH Ezra Levant. It was such a lefty CBC set up broadcast by radio across the country. On line it's 99% against this crock of mismanagement by chiefs and bands.On CBC it's all in favour of the chief. How is this possible? CBC is cherry picking ...maybe their "CALLERS" are all CBC employees.I am fuming here. 1 BILLION for this?????

  11. Your usual insight and pragmatism is sorely missed in these parts.

    As to your demand of a new home as a human right, well it is normally a preposterous suggestion but in light of your valued contributions in the national conservative conversation, you just may deserving.

    Maybe not a Diamond Jubilee Award and certainly not a fatuous TrudeauTiara with a lifetime supply of Tresomme, but a free home, maybe the former Gardeners Annex at 24 Sussex Drive. Peashooter range to Stornoway!