Monday, March 25, 2013

Bracing For NDP Government

British Columbians will soon be heading to the polls to elect a provincial government, and it is looking increasingly likely that the NDP will not only win, but win big. The Christy Clark experiment has been a disaster, paving the way for Dippers to form government. There is an opportunity for the BC Conservatives to make significant gains and put elected members in the legislature, but their chances of actually winning the election are slim.

We have seen a number of high profile federal Tories like Preston Manning and Stockwell Day foolishly endorse Christy, which has not helped the provincial Tories gain the support of the many people who vote Conservative federally in BC. Now we are about to pay the price. They did not recognize that the BC Liberal brand is mortally wounded, and that a new alternative is needed.

It has been a long time since I lived under NDP government, not since Bob Rae's Ontario when I was still in elementary school. Does anyone out there have any advice or words of wisdom that could help nervous British Columbians prepare themselves for NDP rule? Should I be stocking up on bottled water and non-perishable food items? Perhaps it would be useful to watch a few episodes of that show Doomsday Preppers for ideas. Should I be building an arc in my backyard? I would consider moving to Alberta, but it looks like Allison Redford is well on her way to driving that car off a fiscal cliff. That would be a fun poll question "what is the best way to prepare yourself for NDP government?"

I voted for the BC Liberals in the last election because the Conservatives did not a run a candidate in my riding. I did not feel good doing so (having strong opposition to the carbon tax), but it was either that or vote Green or NDP. When Christy Clark ran for Premier, I wrote several blog posts opposing her candidacy (having always disliked her on the radio). I promoted the ABC campaign (anybody but Christy), but alas my warnings went unnoticed, and she was elected Liberal leader with help from fans of her radio show who suddenly signed up for Lib membership.

So be it. Let us all brace for NDP government. It is virtually guaranteed at this point. I wrote a preview of the 2013 BC General Election nearly one year ago. Christy's Liberals have gone from bad to worse over that time.


  1. i have some advice for you and all other residents of bc. get your heads out and stop voting for people who want to take everything you have.

  2. Apparently, BC voters are taking anonymous' advice above. Even an NDP gov't won't be as bad as the decade of corruption and cronyism of the BC Libs.

  3. "....stop voting for people who want to take everything you have."

    And WHO,exactly, are the people who don't want to take everything we have?

    There isn't much choice here because the conservative wing of the Conservative Party hijacked said Party,and they chose a has-been for a leader.

    To prepare for an NDP government,it depends on your life situation. If you are a government employee, well, you ARE the NDP's constituency,and should be alright.

    If you're a union tradesman, you'll do alright until the inevitable attacks on business drive those companies out of the Province,then you might as well rent your house out and go to Alberta or Saskabush for a few years.

    Well pensioned retirees might suffer a bit,and corporations will see their taxes go up by at least the promised 1%,probably more.

    The real danger with the NDP lies in their pandering to the green wing of their Party,who are as destructive to the Province as anything you can name.

    The resource sector always suffers under the NDP,so mines,oil/gas, forestry will probably all scale back,while we watch the government piss away more tax dollars on windmills, solar panels,and bike lanes.

    Then we have to hope they won't embark on another costly experiment like the infamous "fast ferries" to pay off their unionized constituency.

    Those of us who are gun owners and hunters can look to more regulations designed to harass us into giving up both guns and hunting,and we can expect more land taken out of production through creation of new Parks and "environmentally sensitive" zones.

    BUT,if you're a teacher or otherwise employed by government, it should be afield day.

    1. Teachers and government employees have taken the brunt of the NDP's wrath and/or incompetence here in Nova Scotia. The education budget has been slashed mercilessly. Government offices are being moved from Halifax to the far corners of the province, forcing people to choose between losing their job or having to move to some backwater fishing town with no other industry.

  4. We are very worried and disappointed about another NDP stint as gov't.

    The last time, in the 90's, the rest of Canada was enjoying an economic boom period and BC oddly was mired in low growth recession due to lack of confidence and bone headed concessions to unions by the ruling NDP.

    In what should have been our most prime earning decade, my partner and I suffered through all the social equality bullcrap that did nothing but scare the daylights out of small businesses, print production, forestry and of course resource extraction companies and their extensive contributing consultants. It is a damned shame that things are so frigged up.


  5. My advice-do like I am doing and move back to Ontario.

    I also lived under Rae's rule in Ontario and while things aren't a bed of roses there, the chances of electing a Conservative government in BC are as slim as the HST being voted back in by British Columbians.

  6. Become a heroine addict. I'm sure the NDP will trip over themselves to help you out with any number of social programs.

    1. I was a heroine addict when I was a kid.
      Wonder Woman was my heroine of choice back then.
      I have since moved on to Milla Jovovich.

  7. Unless you work for the public sector, the NDP government is likely to be bad news. As for the BC Conservatives they need to widen their tent as BC isn't that right wing of a province. Lets remember 40% of the population are socialist in BC, so the NDP just has to find another 5 to 10% who may not be socialist but are okay voting for them occassionally. The problem is way too many Canadians outside of Alberta seem to believe the idea of a more activist government will help solve the problems when it usually only makes things worse. The only silver lining as the worse job they do they longer they will likely be out of power once booted out. The real challenge is to convince people the benefits of more freedom and smaller government. The general view of many Canadians is only the rich benefit from less government when in fact everyone does.

  8. There's no doubt comrade Dix will be the next Premier, leading the NDP as they rape and pillage the citizens of BC, while they shut down the economy, raise taxes everywhere and anywhere, and hand out taxpayer money to their Union thugs... Cultural Marxism in the extreme. I will be voting BC Conservative as I cannot vote for proven crooks like Kristy the Klown and the BC Liberals, nor a french language activist and anti economy tax and spend cultural marxist like Dix. Klarks ego and pathological narcissism will force her to take the BC Liberals down with her. BC voters will inexplicably vote for the crooks to continue ruining British Columbia, aided and abetted by the media, whether it's the BC Libs or the NDP, same shit different pile. Sad, but as someone else once said, "you can't cure stupid".

  9. At least, we are only 2 hours away from ending over a decade of Liberal corruption. With a thieving liar like Christy Clark for Premier and that fat, bloated disgusting slimeball Don Mcrae for our local MLA... it's time for a long needed change!

    NDP LANDSLIDE 2013!!!