Thursday, July 9, 2009

Funeral for a Fiend

I hope now that this memorial tribute concert has passed, we can soon get back to the standard news cycle of military coups, fraudulent elections, and relevant current events that actually matter. While I am nearly at the end of what I want to say about Michael Jackson, I just have one final rant because I feel that we should set this idolatry into its proper context at the beginning of the “post-MJ legacy”. And please, would people stop putting Al Sharpton on TV! I think he is now officially on my list of people that “I will never listen to a word you have to say ever again” between Michael Moore and Janice Dickenson. He is trying to profiteer on the death of this icon, praising his character despite what the majority of people believe to be true.

Evidently my prior pleas for the general public to end this fortuitous idol worship in the death of Michael Jackson have fallen on deaf ears. I watched parts of the funeral concert, and listening to these celebrities and fans celebrating the life of a likely child molester was frustrating and nauseating. They invited Usher to sing a song, but wouldn't R Kelly have been far more important for a pedophilia tribute concert? I listened to Stevie wonder say that because God has taken Michael away from us, he must have a special plan for him. Oh really? What plan might that be, burning in Hell? Does God have a special fire pit to cook those combustible hydro carbons of which Jacko is made?

While millions of devoted Jacksonites are eager to worship his art and celebrate his life, I am more interested in opening up some America’s Most Wanted cold case files and playing connect the dots. What I keep hearing, most loudly from Al Sharpton, is that we should disregard the dark and embrace the art. In my humble opinion, when an artist secretes more dark matter than a coal fired power plant, we must not ignore the evil. Instead we should be analyzing what he did, what created the dark side of Michael, and present a final analysis to parents such that they may avoid destroying the lives of their own children in a similar manner.

I felt no empathy watching Brooke Shields sobbing about all the Reindeer Games that her and Wacko Jacko used to play. Infact, I was thinking that it would be appropriate to gather former victims of child molestation by that gloved hand in a room with a camera, and watch how they react to Brooke’s fairy tale account of that sick, twisted freak. The man was a gifted artist, and I will always be open to discussions on how his art was an evolutionary turning point in music history, but whenever I see people praise the humanity of the individual, I raise an eyebrow. He was influential, but he sure as hell ain't no patron saint.

And to Al Sharpton, discussing the uniting impact Michael had on the black community, here is a fantastic clip of Chris Rock telling the story the way it is. Also if you have never seen this bit by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog from Conan, this is also hilarious.

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  1. No matter whether he was black or white he is another dead pedophile.