Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Good Riddance Puny Penny!

When it was first announced that the penny was being eliminated from circulation, I was skeptical. Rounding up or down to the nearest nickel is a less efficient unit of measure, and it won't take long for businesses to start setting their prices to exploit the inefficiency and take more of our money than they would have otherwise. Then there are all the charities who depend on people's disdain for loose change, people who are all too happy to drop those annoying pennies in the collection jar.

All that being said, here we are three days into the penny's official elimination, and I love it! I prefer cash transactions, and am very quickly becoming enamoured with our new penny free society. This morning stopping for breakfast on my way to work the cashier tried to give me 2 pennies, which I refused and said "sorry, I don't accept pennies anymore". Sure it cost me two cents, but it felt really good.

Good job Stephen Harper!


  1. a friend of mine, who is a bartender,for many years now has asked her patrons for their pennies. she has given over 1200 dollars a year to a local kids charity with those pennies. they will no longer get that money.

  2. Clearly this is Harper's greatest legacy.