Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ron Paul Bests Romney and Palin in CPAC Presidential Straw Poll

It would appear that the Libertarian wing of the Conservative Party was out in force at the CPAC conference this week. The final result of the poll for best Presidential candidate was Ron Paul with 31%, Mitt Romney at 22%, and the "populous" Sarah Palin came in a distant 3rd with 7% of the vote. Granted the opportunistic Palin was noticeably absent from the Conservative Political Action Conference, an auspicious absence for someone who is considering a run at the 2012 Presidential ticket. At this point I am almost willing to cede my candidate of choice Rudy Giuliani as Attorney General or a VP running mate. I want Rudy to hunt down and prosecute Bin Laden.

While I like some of what Ron Paul says, I would not endorse him on a Presidential ticket. I would prefer the Mormon Romney over Palin in a heart beat, but I am leaning towards shifting my allegiance to Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty for 2012. Obama is setting the table for a Conservative resurgence in 2010 and 2012. Sarah Palin might serve a purpose, but if that is on a Presidential ticket, it is doomed to fail.

Perhaps you are familiar with American Conservative talk show host Michael Savage? This is what Savage said recently about Sarah Palin, it is a good clip.

"I didn't say she's bad, I didn't say her heart is not in the right place, I just know more about the American electorate than you do, and I know more about it than the stupid Republican Party does; and I am telling you that if they make that idiotic mistake of pushing her as their lead candidate, it's over. Obama will get a second term no matter how bad his presidency has been. That's my opinion. It's one man's opinion. It doesn't mean I don't agree with her politically, it doesn't mean I think she's a bad person. She's not electable as President."


  1. Hey Iceman, off topic, but re your comment regarding snowboard cross of last week I hope you enjoyed the ski cross today, fantastic stuff.....argee

  2. I did enjoy the 1st inaugural ski cross today. Until the Canadian crashed in spectacular fashion in the gold medal run right at the end!

  3. Hey Iceman,

    I've been enjoying many of your posts, good job. Personnally I am cheering for Newt Gingrich. And I watched his speech today, and have been watching what he has been doing over the passed while.

    I think he brings a lot of credability to run for the 2012 ticket, as he negotiated to balance the budget with Clinton, back when he was the House Speaker, and that he and Clinton actually reduced the American debt. If the question of which candidate can best articulate an economic solution, he appears to have the real bi-partisan experience to do so.

  4. I would absolutely support Newt on a Presidential ticket.

  5. Newt's a good man with the intellect and experience. But he's old now, may not be what he once was, and I think he has too much negativity attached to him from years past.

    Personally, I don't see a worthy republican candidate right now. Romney might be the most electable, but is hardly a real conservative.

    It's sad that at this critical time in its history, the US has such a leadership deficit.

  6. I think everyone is getting way too ahead of themselves.

    How about we see how people perform in some debates ? On the campaign trail ? The '12 Republican primary is going to be tough, anyone who can win it will probably have a decent shot against Obama.

    That includes Sarah Palin.

  7. What about Michael Ignatieff pre Montreal mistake conference where he abandoned all his George Bush support for his leadership of the Liberals in Canada.
    He would make a good American candidate for the Republicans. I think he even has a website.